What Innovations Has the PS5 Brought? -

What Innovations Has the PS5 Brought?

The PS5 was one of the most eagerly anticipated releases of 2020, and news of its subsequent restocks have sent gamers scrambling to get their hands on a console. What innovations have been brought with the PS5 that make it the herald of the next generation of console gaming? We took a closer look at some of the innovations that arose here.

The Controller

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest innovations we saw was with the PS5’s controller. Everyone will have felt the familiar rumble of a PlayStation’s controller before, but what you get here is something completely different. The rumble can shake the whole controller, or it could be super-subtle and just trill ever so slightly across the touchpads.

On top of this, this controller also has adaptive triggers to help you strategize and play your games even more adaptively. In previous models, you would have had a certain button to press to jump. It would have taken you the same distance each time. This is not the case in the PS5. Instead, you will find that the longer you hold down a button with the PS5, the longer you might jump! This has the possibility of completely revolutionising movement controls in video games, and together with the DualSense controller, it will be fascinating to see some of the changes that might emerge in the future through other games.

The User Interface

Ease of use is always going to be a big thing with new consoles, and the User Interface is a great marker for how well the company has achieved this. In the case of the PS5, they have made some great choices. It is easy to browse between the PlayStation Store, the Game Library, and even your download queue.

One moment you could be playing a round of a Lightning Roulette game, the next you could be checking out the latest big game release or just settling down to watch a new release movie. The possibilities here are endless. Gaming has been made more fluid than ever before.


Finally, the performance of the PS5 is amazing. If you have grown accustomed to the turbines and loud whirring of an older model, you are going to be shocked when you hear how quiet the PS5 is. It truly allows you to get lost in the game you are playing.

There is no lag, even in high-density areas with many NPCs, and you will find that even older games seem to run more smoothly. With a smooth 60 fps across the board, it is clear that a lot of work has been put in to ensure that these games run to the best of their abilities on this new console.

The PS5 has been well worth the wait, and it has already enchanted many players who have tried out its capabilities. With older games proving to work exceptionally well in this new format, it is going to be exciting to see what emerges in the future to really showcase what this console is capable of.