Player One Ghost Gaming Chair Review - Playert One Ghost Review
Player One Ghost Gaming Chair Review

Player One Ghost Gaming Chair Review

A New Player Joined The Game

Player One Ghost Gaming Chair Review - Playert One Ghost Review

The gaming furniture market particularly gaming chairs have always been saturated with models from different brands varying in color, size, and price. Most gamers overlook a chair’s functionality and ergonomics and just focus on a chair that will suit his/her gaming setup’s overall theme. One of the main reasons why RGB made its way to gaming chairs. But a new player joined the chair game in the name of Player One. Player One is a newly released, Philippine-based brand that aims to redefine the gaming landscape in the country. The first product to embody their vision is the Ghost Gaming Chair. The Ghost exudes ingenuity and class for gamers and professionals. It focuses on comfort, function, design, and practicality at a competitive price. The Ghost Gaming Chair is Player One’s take on what a “gaming chair” should be.

Unboxing Experience

We filmed our unboxing of the Player One Ghost Gaming Chair to give users an idea on what would the product look like when shipped and that will also serve as a reference on how to assemble the gaming chair. Out of the box, Player One provides a multi-tool to and an installation manual for a hassle-free chair installation. The manual is one of the most detailed ones I’ve seen from a gaming chair, however, they didn’t do quite well with the ease of use for the end user as all screws are just inside one big resealable plastic. It would’ve been nice to see small resealable plastic that separates each type of screw. Moreover, one rookie mistake that we encountered is by using the wrong screw for the base + seat installation. Since everything was inside one bag, we didn’t notice the difference sizes which caused us to redo the installation. Aside from that everything was as smooth as silk with the installation process from the 5-star base, wheel and arms and the back rest. Our assembly time for the Ghost Gaming Chair took only 15 minutes, that is, not counting our wrong screw installation.

A Closer Look

Starting from the bottom, the Player One Ghost Gaming Chair boasts a thick tubular 5-star steel frame base and it uses 5cm Nylon Casters. It also uses a class 4 gas lift to support a full tilt with a lock mechanism. This strong base allows a max load of 120kgs.

4 screws secure the seat and the base of the chair. High quality elastic bands are used to support the chair for overall durability.

One of the head turning characteristic of the Ghost is its stitching. It uses a double machine made stitching instead of the usual flap line highlight on most gaming chairs. The stitching is consistent all throughout without any misaligned stitches or loose threads.

The neck pillow uses soft stretch cotton that feels very comfortable to rest on as it easily softens for your neck to rest on. Other gaming chairs that use cold molded foam making the neck pillow uncomfortable as users of these chairs prefer not to use them.

The lumbar support pillow, on the other hand, is a love-hate experience. Form factor wise, I find it to be at the right curved compared to sharper curved lumbar pillows. While it does sport the same Cold Molded Foam, making it harder compared to the neck pillow, it compensates by having that right curved angle to be ergonomic. Unfortunately, due to the chair not having a bucket seat design, there’s no way to hang and adjust the lumbar support pillow without having the need to lean on it to stay in place.

The middle part of the back rest and the front of the seat are perforated to reduce the heat buildup that’s common for gaming chairs, especially for long gaming sessions in a non-airconditioned room.

The space between the perforated parts of the seat and the backrest are stitched in a diamond pattern to give out a classy vibe. The consistency of the stitching and the diamond’s shape is very commendable.

The armrest support a 3-Directional armrest for height, inwards/outwards and rotation. Though it would’ve been better it had rotation to make it 4D, its compensated by having the option to install the armrest nearer or farther away from the seat.

The backrest can be adjusted up to a 180-degree with a 15-degree rock option. Player One includes plastic guards for the backrest support.

The Player One Ghost Gaming Chair offers a wide range of functions with some of them only found on premium gaming chairs such as King Type chairs from AKRacing and DX Racer. The non bucket seat frame and fine stitch design with the diamond stitch highlights makes the Ghost gaming chair feel premium and more executive looking. The Ghost’s overall aesthetic makes the chair looks small but its form factor can actually accommodate heights from 5’3 to 6.0 ft with a max weight limit of 120kg.


Player One Ghost Gaming Chair Review - Playert One Ghost Review
Player One Ghost Gaming Chair Review

Design. At first glance, you can immediately tell that the Ghost Gaming chair is not like any other gaming chair that’s inspired by racing bucket type of seats. They sport a more professional look with a dominantly black color with a white stitch highlight design. Its minimalist look would easily match any type of gaming setup. Moreover, It’s very refreshing to see a new look on a gaming chair considering that the market is congested with Racing bucket seats with different colorways and sizes.

Functionality. The Ghost Gaming Chair is not all about the looks, a closer inspection shows there’s a lot going around with the product. The Polyurethane leather used on the Ghost is smooth and high quality.
The perforation doesn’t just contribute to the chair’s design but it also serves to counter the generated heat overtime that’s common on PU leather gaming chairs. Aside from that, the armrests are 3-Directional for optimal elbow support paired with an industry standard recline and swivel function most especially its high equality stitching sets a new standard on how gaming chairs should be.

Comfort. Player One made small changes with a typical gaming chair branded gaming chair, particularly the neck pillow’s soft stretch cotton, seat & backrest perforation, and lumbar support pillow’s ergonomic curve constitutes a positive impact on comfort. But it doesn’t stop there, Player One even went for the extra mile to make the bottom seat and the center part of the backrest perforated for better airflow and comfort. This simple feature allows extended use on a warm environment, a known downside of leather chairs. Users won’t have to worry with heat buildup when the AC is not on.

Value. A price tag of Php 15,000 would seem expensive for some considering that there are entry-level chairs worth half the price. What the Player One Ghost offers is a unique looking product with jampacked features that rare to find on a sub Php 17k($350) price range. It’s a chair that almost nailed the perfect comfort and functionality if it had a 4D armrest, a strapped lumbar support pillow, and a plastic footrest. You can check out gaming chair with footrest here. Nonetheless, the Ghost Gaming Chair packs great value for its price beating most, if not all, gaming chairs in this category.

The Player One Ghost Gaming Chair offers features you’ve come to expect in its price range with some extras like using soft stretch cotton for the head cushion and perforation to counter heat build up. While it does still slightly resemble a typical gaming chair despite its non-racing bucket seat frame and sleek design, the Ghost emits an aura that makes it feel like an executive chair. If you’re looking for a value gaming chair that’s extraordinaire, do give the Ghost Gaming Chair a consideration because of its competitive pricing and a unique design that doesn’t sacrifice on functionality and comfort.

With that said, we give the Player One Ghost Gaming Chair our Best Value and Editor’s Choice Award!

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