Deepcool AS500 PLUS WH CPU Cooler Review

Last year DeepCool announced the AS500 and AS500 Plus cooler, a rare instance where the company releases a high-end cooler under the DeepCool brand rather than their performance oriented Gamer Storm line. That said, depending on where you’re coming from you might still have the impression that DeepCool is a budget brand and that has never been the case. In fact, DeepCool has had a varied product lineup for all price ranges that that its really refreshing to see them trickle down more of their higher performance products on the main brand.

Deepcool AS500 PLUS WH CPU Cooler Review -
DeepCool AS500 PLUS WH CPU Cooler Review

As mentioned, the DeepCool AS500 and AS500 PLUS released a little later last year and has recently received a white version with the AS500 PLUS WH sporting an all white paint job whilst still retaining the RGB shroud on top for a little extra bling. As the name suggests, this version of the cooler only comes in the PLUS model which means it comes with 2 fans out of the box.

Aside from that, its a representation of both AS500 PLUS and AS500 PLUS WH so we’ll review it as such. Read on to find out more about the DeepCool AS500 PLUS WH.

Features &  Specification

Product Dimensions 142×102×164 mm
Heatsink Dimensions 140×49×159 mm
Net Weight 1198 g
Heatpipe Ø6 mm×5 pcs
Fan Dimensions 140×140×25 mm
Fan Speed 500~1200 RPM±10%
Fan Airflow 70.81 CFM
Fan Air Pressure 1.14 mmAq
Fan Noise ≤29.2dB(A)
Fan Connector 4-pin PWM
Bearing Type Fluid Dynamic Bearing
Fan Rated Voltage 12 VDC
Fan Rated Current 0.11 A
Fan Power Consumption 1.32 W
LED Type Addressable RGB LED
LED Connector 3-pin(+5V-D-G)
LED Rated Voltage 5 VDC
LED Power Consumption 1.4 W
  • Single tower cooler with 5 heat pipes high fin density.
  • All white heat pipe, fins and fans design.
  • Slim profile for maximum RAM height compatibility.
  • High-performance TF140S PWM fans included.
  • A-RGB LED controller included.