ASUS Continues Anime Collab Efforts with Kimetsu no Yaiba Product Lineup -

ASUS Continues Anime Collab Efforts with Kimetsu no Yaiba Product Lineup

The ROG x GUNDAM was supposedly a China-only deal but has quickly spread to Japan, the rest of Southeast Asia and now the Middle East and the US. While this may be polarizing for some, it can’t be denied that anime has a huge following and in recent memory, there is no anime as big as Kimetsu no Yaiba or Demon Slayer.

Posts on Weibo shows us the following product images and ASUS is looking very biased to my boy, Zenitsu but the entire gang is in the mix as well:

Current Zenitsu models are:

  • ASUS RT-AX86U router
  • ASUS TUF GAMING GT501 chassis
  • ASUS TUF GAMING B560-PLUS WIFI motherboard

All of which will feature Zenitsu’s symbolic black and yellow color scheme and many Thunder Breathing Style artwork.

Main character Tanjiro, Nezuko and Inosuke also get their own models:

Tanjiro gets a headset featuring his color scheme and mask. Tanjiro will also have a gaming mice. Nezuko will her own headset variation compete with a tiny bow similar to the one used by the character but instead of a mouse, will receive a mouse pad done in pink with her character’s print on the design along with bamboo stylings.. Inosuke’s currently announced product is an RT-AX82U which rounds out its design by giving Inosuke’s jagged blade design on the router lines and then finishes that off with boar fangs on the front.

Our source close to the matter has confirmed this to be a legitimate partnership currently running in China. Much like the ASUS ROG x GUNDAM project, if interest is high enough, ASUS may bring this over to other territories.