Boost in World of Warcraft | Note by Journalist

What do you think of boosting? What comes to your mind hearing this word? I don’t think that many people know what it is and how it is shaped in such a popular game as World of Warcraft. I explored the trusted WoW boosting service called Leprestore WoW boost. I found it interesting that this industry appears to be a whole service market in a single game with various activities you can receive help with. In my short review, I’d like to show how exactly you can get a Shadowlands boost, which types of boosts you may have, and what you should pay attention to. 


Spending much time on leveling was a common thing for pre-Shadowlands times. Now, though, it is still an extremely annoying thing, mostly if you finished the main campaign and have chosen to level up on the local quests and side ones. The market decided to regulate this issue somehow (apart from Blizzard’s money-based level up), and players received leveling cheap WoW boost.

Boost in World of Warcraft | Note by Journalist -
Castle Nathria is a dangerous place even for the experienced player

It is important to note that this kind of boost is available only in the so-called piloted mode. Most WoW boost services can be delivered to the player in two primary modes, self-play and piloted. The first assumes that the customer controls their character while participating in a party of professional players (any WoW booster should be one). In the second case, you should temporarily give your account to these boosters. The piloted mode is tightly related to trust issues, so you should carefully choose the service you want to use.

Today you can order leveling mostly from level 50 to 60. In addition to this, multiple sites allow you to finish some questlines, get the gear or open the Covenant campaign. To get these services, though, you should pay a particular charge. This might be extremely useful if you are familiar with the main plot, though your goal is to start farming the campaign of your beloved Covenant as soon as possible.

Boost in World of Warcraft | Note by Journalist -
Covenant Sanctum requires anima to help you with progression

PvE content: Raids, Mythic+, Torghast

WoW PvE boost is probably one of the most popular options among the players, as I think. And in Shadowlands, it gets even more points than usual. Blizzard was inspired by their successful Visions of N’Zoth rogue-like activity. The new expansion gifted us with Torghast, Tower of the Damned. Another PvE instance that is built around the mechanics of so-called Anima powers. Players should collect them to enhance their abilities during the run.

Torghast, alongside Mythic+ dungeons and Castle Nathria raid, is currently the critical endgame content available to the players. Boosters effectively help them. It is possible to finish the raid in any difficulty mode and buy WoW carry service for the highest key you want. Moreover, you can order gearing up from these PvE activities. 

Boost in World of Warcraft | Note by Journalist -
The Tower of the Damned gets harder on each floor. Don’t even look at Twisting Corridors with a low ilvl

It is worth noting that just “boosting” you through the content is not the only option. Taking top WoW carry service like in Leprestore, you may also learn a lot. For example, for Mythic+ dungeons, there is a coaching option, which is also quite popular for PvP content. Making it through the Castle Nathria raid with boosters is also a nice option, as you don’t have to pay for the whole raid (for example, if you need heroic loot just from a single boss).

Torghast might be your choice too if you want to have the legendary item or the possibility to ride a mount in the Maw. Soul Ash that you get for finishing Torghast layers is used in crafting legendaries. The Twisting Corridors mode is the only possibility of guaranteeing a unique mount that can be used in the Maw. It is an excellent reason to use boosters services.

Boost in World of Warcraft | Note by Journalist -
Runecarver can make you a legendary item out of the Soul Ash and the chosen Memory


PvP is also a popular field for boosters. There are multiple activities in PvP you may be helped with. People can achieve a wide range of definitely worthy rewards like mounts, gear, or anima power. However, PvP probably requires even more effort from you to get these ones, as you should have some mastery of your character to succeed. 

PvP WoW carry service you may order can include 2v2 or 3v3 arena rating boosting, the same for battlegrounds and multiple rankings you may want to achieve. Again, coaching is a trendy option here, too, as WoW carries in the PvP sphere may appear to cost you much more if you use it without any learning. Shadowlands requires you to do a lot in PvP for the sake of increasing the amount of anima you can deliver to the Covenant Sanctum, so I understand why this type of service is as popular as buying WoW PvE boost.

Boost in World of Warcraft | Note by Journalist -
If Alterac is too dull for you, help might be handy

And that’s it?

Definitely not. I was amazed by how rapidly this industry develops. You may order the possibility to get a specific achievement or mount, earn reputation with a fraction or make it through the Legacy raids. The variety of services is quite broad, so the critical aspect here is which company to choose and what you need precisely. Blizzard has built multiple complex systems in the game content that might be too difficult for someone to deal with. Professional players should be really helpful in such cases. 

Boost in World of Warcraft | Note by Journalist -
This guy is still a hard-to-beat thing from the Legacy Raids

Though not all services can guarantee you the coherent quality of people, you will pay for helping you, so it is vital to read reviews and carefully explore the rules of each World of Warcraft boost. Some activities like WoW raid carry may require additional skills of so-called raid leading that is quite rare in the game (that is why every guild values their RLs so much), so you should always talk about things like that with the support agents on these sites.