2021 – The Year for Esports to Break Out in South Africa!

South Africa is a country where esports is really picking up. There are many tell-tale signs that this is the case. Other than the overall direction of the gaming industry in the country, there are other indicators, such as the creation of local esports franchises that are interested in becoming recognizable names in the global competitive gaming ecosystem.  Players who are keen on exploring and finding out more about esports in South Africa have come to the right place. There are tons of esports games to check out right now and all of them are finding fertile grounds in South Africa. We explore why this is the case in the following lines.

Games That Break Records

Without a smidgeon of doubt, there are some games that are true trendsetters. The major esports titles have been quite popular in the country to the point where players have started asking what the most reliable servers for them are.  Video gaming titles such as Valorant, Fortnite, and CS:GO have been absolute blockbusters and resonated with the locals a good deal. Yet, there is more to enjoy when it comes to gaming and esports titles, such as:

  • Dota 2
  • League of Legends
  • StarCraft II
  • FIFA
  • PUBG: Mobile

These are just some of the popular South African online games, though. Players are taking quite fondly to competitive games, even though they admittedly require a higher level of concentration.  These challenges may scare most casual gamers, but South Africans seem keen on the opportunity to create a steady presence in the competitive esports genres. The fact that the games listed here break numerous records, including total player bases, revenue generated for the companies, and active players in peak hours.  Thanks to these fortuitous conditions, many players in South Africa actually have a chance to truly excel at online gaming and competitive video games, known as esports. Is 2021 the year when all of these efforts come to fruition, though?

Can Esports Really Breakout in a Big Way in 2021 in SA?

There is a very good reason why esports players from South Africa have been having a great time in 2021. First is the overall cost of hardware falling once again and the arrival of even more potent internet networks that allow players to connect quicker and enjoy more fulfilling experiences.  Virtually, every game that is accessible in the rest of the world is now accessible to players from South Africa. This means that players in the country will compete on equal footing with everyone else.

However, there are some things that still need to be addressed more seriously. Players need to form stronger competitive outfits that are as popular as those established in North America, Asia, and Europe. Earnings are one clear indicator of how successful South Africa is as an esports destination.  The top-grossing game so far has been Counter-Strike: Global Offensive which makes it easy for players to get involved as there are already some traditions in this discipline. However, new games such as Valorant are only getting started in the country.  You will discover numerous opportunities to enjoy esports if you are local, but there will have to be more trailblazers to ensure that South Africa’s competitive video gaming remains sustainable and continues to develop.

So What’s Needed to Guarantee The Growth of SA Esports?

South Africa already has a player base of people who are eager to try their hand at esports. However, the country may need just a slight push in the right direction insofar as infrastructure goes.  The players are there, but the country needs prominent tournament hosts and organizations that are willing to work towards the popularization of competitive video gaming. Money is definitely a factor, and investors are needed to help develop the industry better.  Big organizations will definitely benefit from the exposure they could potentially garner on the South African market as this is another factor for them. Essentially, big sponsors would be willing to work with the SA competitive gaming scene on the condition that there are enough audiences they can reach.  Given the size of the region and South Africa’s young population keen on video gaming, you can see that this is a win-win for all parties involved. However, to get there, South Africa will need the right push. Whether this push comes in 2021 or the year after is something we will have to wait out and see for ourselves.