The Best Blockchain Games of 2021

Blockchain has become hugely popular within this past half a decade. With many of us spending a majority of our time online, it makes complete sense to unify to digital realms as one. It makes complete sense that the technology of blockchain powering our gaming habits became available, with everything becoming more efficient when powered digitally.

Some of the most popular cryptocurrency driven games include Bitcoin live baccarat and other cryptocurrencies. The niche of blockchain gaming is massively selective, meaning you can enjoy strategy based games, action and of course casino genres. The blockchain world keeps growing each and every day, and that is what makes it so exciting.

What is blockchain?

For those that are not sure of blockchain, or have yet to discover it, it would be useful that you make note of what is about to be shared. Blockchain has two main functions, one is the integration of cryptocurrency towards the games in-payments made, with the use of non-fungible tokens (also known as NFTs). The NFTs are unique for gamers, as it allows possibility of trade amongst other players, and transferrals too. Fortnite would be a great example of this kind of blockchain game.

The other example is the incorruptible technology that comes with blockchain and stores information of the items used by players. This gives buyers and sellers who wish to trade items, complete security and confidence, as there is actual record of sales being made and trades. The process involves the use of smart contracts, which make the entire process of the transaction seamless and transparent.

Blockchain allows players to be fully tracked and hold accountability over everything that they do. When you use blockchain, your progress can be tracked and therefore cheating is very much impossible. So, in essence, your entire gaming experience is fully regulated, but you are also safe from hackers and third parties that wish to compromise your data and information. Blockchain is opening a world of opportunity and options towards the gaming community, with more doors opening when it comes to leveraging items, monetising items, and being recognised for the skills you possess with tangible rewards. The potential is massively huge, and therefore there is a reason as to why this is not slowing down anytime soon…

The best blockchain games

The gaming space is continuously growing, meaning blockchain games come in and out of favour, and it will all depend on the level of technology that is integrated within the entire gaming experience. Below is a summary of the best games you can expect to play, alongside suitable technological software platforms that you can use to stream them.

The Sandbox

The first title on the list, Sandbox has been around since early 2012. Operating on iOS and Android platforms, you can play this from PCs or mobile devices-which have all pivoted towards the blockchain technology advancement. Within this game, users have complete creativity, when it comes to the content they create, as well as the multiverse that Sandbox opens up.

If you were a sucker for Minecraft and Roblox, you will find this game up your stress for sure. The NFTs in the game allow users to have control over the creations and rewards system used to maintain your world’s ecosystem. The in-game features can be created by yourself and the spark of ideas that you may possess, meaning players will really invest some time into this. The online Sandbox market place is the perfect location for you to exchange tokens and use the in-game currency of blockchain, to purchase and interact with what other online players have created for themselves.

The Six Dragons

This game is fast becoming the huge interest of many, especially as the game developers Enjin, have integrated blockchain into this from the get-go. The platform provides players the option to mint their own tokens, but also, they can be freely traded by the player community online too. With the smart contact system, tokens can be freely traded responsibly.

The fantasy theme of this game makes it hugely enjoyable, as you are able to explore countless lands, farm important resources for yourself, as well as trade over 300 items and counting with other members of the Six Dragons community. Your goal is to improve your arsenal and situation, so that you can enchant and take lead for being the best established within the community. Of course, game hours amount to more success, and it will completely depend on how invested you are in playing this at the end of the day.

Axie Infinity

This game has been in the media as of later, for its mainstream investment possibilities. If you like games like Pokémon and Crypto Kitties, you should definitely check this one out and invest some time into getting familiar with it all. You are able to breed cute creatures called Axies, which in the end will be used to battle other members of the community, or the AI integrated computer of the game. Either way, it can be massively fruitful for all those that check it out.

To get started you will need to invest 0.0421 Ethereum, to get three Axies. This is the cheapest level of species available, should you want to reach out for more, you will need to invest much larger. The investment can make you a return however, as each time you battle, you will earn SLPs which can be used to breed more exotic Axies that may not be so available to all. The breed count and rarity will account to larger prices, so make sure you are aware of that before forking out.

Neon District

Last but not least, we have the Neon District. This game is perfect for players that want to fight their way across the city, and really embark on an adventure. For those looking for a true Sci-Fi dystopian style game, this has been claimed as the best in its niche. While it may take some time to settle and really get acquainted with the game’s features, the core game values in terms of trading NFTs and using ETH within the market place, stands. You can trade weaponry, as well as exchange important life survival aspects for your travelling kit with the online playing community, to really maximise your experience.

The game designed by Blockade is hugely popular and has really amassed quite the player count thus far. With in-game puzzles, fighting strategy, as well as certain game simulation mechanics, there really is much to look forward to. The upcoming season 2 for the game has already generated much hype, so if you have not already, you better get started with this one.