We hope you're not one of those folks with trypophobia because this gaming mouse sure does bring thoughts of it. Kidding aside, we have the Tt eSports Ventus X gaming mouse: well-built, well-performing and has a literally cool gimmick, this priced just right which makes it an easy option for red and black purists but don't swear allegiance to the more mainstream gaming brands. Read more about the Tt eSports Ventus X gaming mouse in this #B2G review.
We got the Tt eSports Poseidon ZX TKL mechanical keyboard in the desk. While a few weeks won't really prove just how sturdy these things are, it certainly fits right in with my other mechanical keyboards without much to complain about. Its got the basics nailed down and a few extras to bring it up a notch. There's very little reason not to like this keyboard so if you're looking to get a mechanical keyboard, this is a good start. That 5-year warranty is a nice assurance also. Read more about the Tt eSports Poseidon ZX in this #B2G review.