The sequel to 2015's imppressive but content-starved Battlefront, the new game will feature not only player classes, but a single player campaign whose story is confirmed to be part of the official Star Wars canon.
Rogue One excels in doing what it was meant to do: expand the Star Wars universe by telling the same story from a different angle, adding context to give more meaning to later events in the timeline. While it is a powerful film in its own right, it doesn't overshadow the saga films, but I would argue that it wasn't meant to and while it was basically free from the shackles of the saga films, it doesn't wander too far.
Rogue One is the first of the Star Wars spin-off films, and this early you can see that it is aiming to be the most un-Star Wars of all Star Wars movies. Darker than Revenge of the Sith? Check. More death and destruction? Check. No Jedi? Check. Darth Vader kills every one of them in the end? A big maybe.