Patriot Viper VP4300 2TB PCI-E m.2 Gen4 x4 SSD Review - VP4300
Continuing their legacy of providing class-leading enthusiast drives, the Patriot Viper VP4300 PCIe m.2 Gen4 SSD rated 7400MB/6800MB read and write shows some good numbers. Find out more about if this drive is for you in this #B2G review of the Viper VP4300 2TB SSD.
SAMSUNG 870 EVO 1TB SATA SSD Review: Fast as Fast Can be on SATA - SAMSUNG 870 EVO
The SATA market for SSDs may be dwindling but its still a sizable market where it stands and for those that still want or need to go with SATA, SAMSUNG is looking fill in that market until the well dries up. Their new mainstream SATA SSD, the SAMSUJNG 870 EVO updates their mainstream offering with the later SAMSUNG controller along with other improvements. If you have no other choice but to go SATA, the SAMSUNG 870 EVO SSD might just be for you. Check out this review to find out more.
Kingston NV1 1TB Review Cover
There are argument where DRAM-less SSDs standout but its going to be hard to fault an SSD offering 2300MB/s reads that won't see much write action. In this review, we have the Kingston NV1, Kingston's new M.2 PCIe NVMe for laptops and desktops that just an OS and app drive. Read on to find out more and see if this drive is for you in this Kingston NV1 1TB review.
GIGABYTE's expands its VISION content creator lineup with the VISION DRIVE 1TB External SSD. Supporting USB3.2 Gen2x2, it can do around 2000MB/s sequential. For those that don't have a USB3.2 Gen2x2 port, GIGABYTE also provides an upgrade kit. Read more about the GIGABYTE VISION DRIVE Upgrade Kit in this #B2G review.
Kingston and MSI has teamed up to bring together the best of both companies. With their shared vision, MSI and Kingston recently released prescribed specs for gamers of various price ranges. We have the Mainstream Combo here featuring the MSI MAG B460, Kingston A2000 SSD and HyperX Fury memory. Let’s take a look at the numbers. #PowerUpYourGames