ROG Launch Event Recap: Here's the peripherals ROG launched during their Rise of Gamers event at CES 2022 while you were sleeping which include a new 36,000 CPI mouse, 42" and 48" OLED 4K 120hz monitors, a 27" 1440p 360hz Gsync monitor, an AniMe Matrix-equipped keyboard and an updated Fusion headset line
ASUS ROG RYUJIN II 360 CPU Cooler Review: Core i9-12900K Update - Ryujin II
I've updated my review of the ROG Ryujin II AIO cooler to include testing with Intel's Core i9-12900K. Arguably, still the most compelling premium coolers around, if you're after absolute performance, this ROG x Noctua cooler is still a top choice for modern builds, especially for board-centric aesthetic without RGB fans stealing the spotlight. Read on to see if this is the AIO CPU cooler for you.
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