Kingston FURY Renegade RGB DDR4-4600 16GB Memory Kit Review -
Kingston's FURY brand fills the void that the company had for its high-performance and gaming lineup. With a recent campaign to showcase the now-slimmer FURY portfolio, its time to turn a new leafover. Kingston sent us their top-end FURY Renegade RGB DDR4-4600 memory kit for review. Let's see how far we've come since these kits debuted 3 years ago. Read on to find out more in this #B2G review.
Patriot Viper Elite II DDR4-4000 32GB Memory Kit Review - viper elite ii
Patriot's Viper Elite II line refreshes the Viper Elite family with higher-capacity, high-speed modules. In this review, we have the top-rated DDR4-4000 32GB Viper Elite II and with only a few percentage separating it from a $400 kit, this >$200 kit is sure to impress a lot of folks. Find out more about the Patriot Viper Elite II in this #B2G review.
Patriot Viper VP4300 2TB PCI-E m.2 Gen4 x4 SSD Review - VP4300
Continuing their legacy of providing class-leading enthusiast drives, the Patriot Viper VP4300 PCIe m.2 Gen4 SSD rated 7400MB/6800MB read and write shows some good numbers. Find out more about if this drive is for you in this #B2G review of the Viper VP4300 2TB SSD.