The HAVIT HV-380L is a well-built keyboard. The same thing can be said for its durability and overall quality. The unique approach that resulted in its design makes this keyboard a strong choice in its category. The RGB and its lighting effect on the keyboard is a cherry on top. However, its price is something that will make you think twice and its RGB is not as good as Chroma or Spectrum like RGB. Also, it's a membrane keyboard and not a real mechanical keyboard.
The rally of budget mechanical keyboards has been intense as more brands are releasing their own signature of a "budget" mechanical keyboard. With the spark of this trend started by RAKK, they are once again releasing another mechanical keyboard that has the sweet features of premium boards, but on a budget. Today, we take at look at the RAKK Kimat XT.2 to see whether it is the perfect balance of budget and performance. Read more in this #B2G Review