Our comments and our reactions are a mirror to who we are as fans. It is not wrong to criticize a slow-moving process, or anything that the fans feel the group, management, or their partners isn't doing right. But I find it rather questionable that we can write-off a group that hasn't even been formed yet.
MNL48 is the Filipino adaptation of the world renowned Japanese pop idol group, AKB48, which is the highest-selling girl group in Japan. They have created a one-of-a-kind concept of “idols you can meet” since 2005 and is regularly performing on their own theater at Akihabara, Tokyo. The concept has reached to several sister groups across Asia namely in Jakarta, Taipei, and Bangkok.
I really love watching the updates if only because I get to know a lot about these candidates. It is easy to talk about the audition in a very dispassionate and business-like manner, but these are real girls with real dreams giving us a tiny little window into their own world in the hopes we'll be kind enough to vote for them and make their dream come true.