There's only a few gaming mice I swear by and while it isn't that heavily known as an eSports choice, the Cougar M5xx was one of my favorite mice and now it receives a well-deserved refresh with the release of the Cougar Revenger. Read more about it in this #B2G review.
If you really want a mouse bungee that stays in place, the Cougar Bunker is arguably the best choice out right now sporting a small footprint and excellent build quality, its certainly got all the good things nailed down. Read more in this #B2G review!
Cougar debuts their new gaming headset last Computex and today we have their latest from that series, the Cougar Immersa. This Cougar features a nice pair of really, really LARGE.... ear pads. Read on to find out more about the value-oriented Cougar Immersa gaming headset in this #B2G review!
There's plenty to like about the previous Cougar 600K we reviewed a couple of months back here in #B2G but as mentioned we really wanted something slimmer and more conventional. Cougar already had this in mind with the then-impending release of the Attack X3 mechanical keyboard. With a fully backlit layout and a more affordable price tag, the Attack X3 is a considerable option for those looking for a mechanical keyboard.
We take a look at another peripheral from Cougar: their latest mid-range gaming mouse. Priced reasonably just below its mainstream competitors, it features excellent performance and good build quality. We still have qualms about the design but its a really nice product overall especially if you ain't choosy about brands. Read more about the #Cougar 500M Optical #Gaming Mouse in this #B2G review.