As simple as it is, the ASRock X570 Steel Legend has a weird allure to me. Its not the best board in my honest opinion but I feel gravitated towards it just for its simplicity. Really hope they get rid of the PCB digital camo tho. Read more about the ASRock X570 Steel Legend in this #B2G review.
We take a look at another round of Z270 motherboard starting off with the budget-oriented ASRock Z270 Extreme4. This motherboard features all the basic and more, making it the most affordable yet allows enough room to grow with the user via dual-GPU with both SLI and CFX support as well as multiple M.2 slots. Add to that decent overclocking support and controls and the ASRock Z270 Extreme4 is a great starting point for anyone getting into serious performance PCs without going too crazy on pricey boards with features you may not use. Find out more about the ASRock Z270 Extreme4 in this #B2G review!
The microATX B150 motherboard market is dead-focused on the Php4900-Php5100 price range and most of the products in this class sport only a single PCI-e x16 slot. For today's review we have something that crams in just a bit more than the standard effort and offers multi-GPU support as well as premium durability for the sub-Php5000 price range: we take a look at the ASRock B150M Pro4 in this #B2G review!