Best 5 Word Games And Apps For Language Lovers

Word games and language games are a huge hit amongst book lovers, readers and general word lovers. Previously, word games were mostly board games but now such games can be played online in a very fun way. These games can be played both to improve the vocabulary and also for learning new languages too. Here are five-word games and apps for language-lovers which the player can play to improve their language skills for learning new language and words.

1. Duolingo

Duolingo is one of the finest language learning apps which can be used by users for learning more than 30 languages including Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese and Russian. All the language learning lessons which take place in the app consist of bite-sized lessons which are also fun to pursue. Apart from learning new languages, the game can also be used for practising learning and speaking. The users can also check their progress on the app and see how much they have learned as students. All the lessons which are available on Duolingo are free to be taken. Duolingo has stated that 34 hours of lessons in the app is equivalent to one complete semester of university-level education.

2. Vocabulary Builder

Vocabulary Builder is an app developed by Magoosh for students who are preparing for English examinations for various different examinations. The Vocabulary Builder app consists of thousands of words that are specifically handpicked by the experts of GRE tutor. The words present in the app are explained with the help of definitions and samples. A serious student is advised to add these words into a Word file and then convert the Word to PDF to learn the new words and keep revising them. The vocabulary sections of the app consist of basic, intermediate and advanced sections. It further provides the users to check the progress as they study on the app.

3. Learn Languages with Memrise

If you are interested in learning and speaking a language like a local, then the Memrise app can help you. The app can be used to learn multiple languages like Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Italian, English and many other languages. The app ensures that the language learning process is simplified by involving three steps: the translation of words and phrases, understanding the words which are being taught and when to use these words in real-life situations and how to chat with other people with the help of the newly learned words.

4. All English Idioms and Phrases

All English Idioms and Phrases is an app developed by MS apps. The app can be used by the user for learning proverbs, idioms and phrases. The app covers more than 10,000 idioms and phrases to help the user to learn these new words for then using them in both verbal and written communication. All the popular English idioms are included in this app. In addition to it, the app also supports an English Idioms Dictionary. After learning new idioms and phrases, the user can participate in idioms quizzes and phrasal verb quizzes to check how much they have learned. There is an ample number of idioms and phrases in PDF and it is possible to convert PDF to Word for easy management of the idioms and phrases in the app.

5. Busuu

With more than 100 million users, Busuu is one of the most popular apps which is used to learn new languages. Currently, the app covers 12 different languages like Spanish Japanese, French, English and many other languages. There is an ample number of specialized courses available in the app which the users can use to learn a language of their choice. The content presented in Busuu is award-winning content. Any user can use the app to start learning from the beginning and then reach the upper intermediate level. The app supports a community of more than 100 million users.

On the basis of the requirement, whether a user wants to learn a new language or vocabulary, an app from the list above can be chosen. Almost all the apps listed above allow the users to check the progress of their learning to keep the learner motivated and inspired to keep learning new words, phrases and idioms and languages too.