Xtreamer Elvira

We’re taking a break from gaming gears and components to bring you guys some other means of visual entertainment with what we have for review today. Alongside HTPCs, media players and streamers have found a nice market in the current trend of digital media with movies and music being digitally distributed already. One of the pioneers in this scene is Xtreamer and their line of streaming media players have seen very good adoption in the local scene. Today we’ll be looking at their latest addition to their port folio, and perhaps their most portable solution yet: the Xtreamer Elvira. Let’s check out this miniature box and see if it livens up our living room with big screen goodies. Read on and let’s make this showy!

Xtreamer’s dug itself a good market here in the Philippines where it managed to compete with ASUS and Western Digital in the multimedia player market. We managed to have some time with the Xtreamer Elvira, a small content player which packs all the features of its storage-capable brothers sans that last feature. The Elvira features a pair of USB ports, capable of powering even 2.5″ portable HDDs for playing your favorite multimedia content.