Watch Dogs: Legion - Bloodline Review (PS4) -

Watch Dogs: Legion – Bloodline Review (PS4)

Watch Dogs: Legion’s story DLC “Bloodline” finally dropped last week. It features the return of two legacy characters: Aiden Pearce, protagonist of Watch Dogs; and Wrench, the fan-favorite anarchist from Watch Dogs 2 in an all-new story set after the events of Zero Day but before the revival of Dedsec London in the main game. Being more story driven than the main game, Bloodline is actually more connected to the wider Watch Dogs lore than Legion ever was, making this DLC a must have for Watch Dogs fans.

As expected, Bloodline borrowed its basic structure from the main game, even down to the bugs. Pedestrians still jump away from a car that is five meters away from them, NPCs still spawn in front of me, and there’s still a lot of pop-ups. The game does play a bit more smoothly than I last remembered it and my game did not crash the whole time I was playing the Bloodline, but it is still basically the same game outside of Aiden and Wrench’s unique skills and abilities. What Bloodline brings to Legion, however, is a better story, one that is connected to the wider Watch Dogs universe and even wonderfully concludes Aiden Pearce’s story arc.

The side missions also feature characters you will come across in the game. Their appearance as side mission givers give added context and emotional impact to their ultimate fates in the campaign.

Watch Dogs: Legion - Bloodline Review (PS4) -

Aiden Pearce had always been my favorite Watch Dogs character not only because he was the first protagonist, but because despite the first game having real issues, you empathize a bit with Aiden and how his guilt has led him to the path of being The Vigilante. Bloodline, however, masterfully delves deep into Aiden’s psyche, pushing more our understanding of the man who seems hell-bent on self-destruction as equally as he is hell-bent on “protecting” his nephew Jackson. That level where we would have to go deep into Aiden’s mind, is simply one of the best levels Ubisoft has done. Ever.

Playing a supporting role is Aiden’s now grown-up nephew Jackson, who we last saw as a kid in the first game. Aiden’s interactions with Jackson gives a lot of insight as to how his actions have affected Jackson and his mom. The younger Pearce is like Aiden’s conscience in this game, his anger at his uncle gradually going away as he tries to convince Aiden to give up the life of The Vigilante, and that he can help people without having to go to a dark place.

Watch Dogs: Legion - Bloodline Review (PS4) -

Wrench was not a playable character in Watch Dogs 2, but he became a fan favorite with his wild antics and personality. Bloodline not only gives us the chance to play as Wrench, the game also went deep into his personality. Although his story wasn’t as explored as Aiden’s, you still understand that after the events of Watch Dogs 2, he left Dedsec and was intent on pursuing his dreams. His anger at being used by Thomas Rempart (the game’s antagonist), is fueled by his disdain for the rich brat, but also his desire to “make things right” when he realized his creations were going to be used against the people of London. I wasn’t a huge fan of the guy in Watch Dogs 2, but after Bloodline I really liked him a lot.

Season Pass holders are in for an extra treat as they will be able to play as Aiden and Wrench in the main game. They will be hanging outside the pub that contained the Dedsec safe-house, and they can be recruited after your first recruit mission. Both Aiden and Wrench has new lines for the main game, and their personalities don’t get lost either.

Watch Dogs: Legion - Bloodline Review (PS4) -


Watch Dogs: Legion – Bloodline is the proper Watch Dogs 3 fans were all hoping for. A direct sequel to both Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs 2, it concludes Aiden Pearce’s arc while further developing Wrench’s character. And when you play as them during the main game (Season Pass required), the transition is pretty smooth, their personalities mostly intact, and the game feels better as a result.

I rarely recommend paid DLCs, but Watch Dogs: Legion – Bloodline is worth every penny.

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Watch Dogs Legion Review – PS4