Review – UGREEN 100W 3C1A GaN Fast Charger | A Beefy Charger

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UGREEN is a brand that’s trusted by most consumers worldwide. They’re the go-to brand when it comes to electronic accessories such as USB Hubs, Cables, including earbuds, and now chargers. Speaking of chargers, we’re taking a closer look at one of the brand’s powerful fast chargers on the market, the UGREEN 100W 3C1A GaN Fast Charger.

UGREEN claims that the 100W 3C1A GaN fast charger can charge a MacBook Pro 13” from 0–45% in 30 minutes or fast charge an iPhone 12 from 0–60% in 30 minutes. Unfortunately, we don’t have these devices to conduct tests with Apple products but we do have a wide variety of Android devices to make an assessment of how this charger performs with Android devices. Furthermore, Gallium Nitride (GaN) chargers are a step-up technology that leagues itself out of the typical chargers that use silicon.

Review - UGREEN 100W 3C1A GaN Fast Charger | A Beefy Charger -

As the heart of any electronic chip, Gallium Nitride is capable of sustaining higher voltages compared to silicon, and current flows faster through it. Moreover, the energy loss is significantly less in GaN, making it a lot more efficient.

UGREEN 100W 3C1A GaN Fast Charger

100W 3C1A GaN Fast Charger


Modal 3C1A
Power 100W
Ports 3 x USB C, 1 x USB A
Fast Charging Protocols USB C Port:PD3.0(PD2.0) /QC4+(QC4.0\QC3.0\QC2.0)/PPS /AFC/APPLE 5V2.4A/BC1.2
PCBA Structure GaN (Gallium Nitride)
Plug US, EU
Weight 235±5g(US)/ 245±5g(EU)
USB-C1/C2: 5V/3A 9V/3A 12V/3A 15V/3A 20V/5A 100W Max
USB-C3: 5V/3A 9V/2.5A 12V/1.88A 22.5W Max
USB-A: 4.5V/5A 5V/4.5A 5V/3A 9V/2A 12V/1.5A 22.5W Max
Multiple Protections: Input overvoltage protection; output overcurrent/overvoltage/short circuit protection
Material: PC/UL94-V0
Widely Compatible: Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone, Nintendo Switch, True Wireless Earbuds, ect
Input: 100-240V~50/60Hz 2.3A Max
Dimension: (69*69*33)±0.5mm

USB Port Protocols – Supported Charging Technology

Review - UGREEN 100W 3C1A GaN Fast Charger | A Beefy Charger -

Visit UGREEN through their official UGREEN website.

Where to buy?

Review - UGREEN 100W 3C1A GaN Fast Charger | A Beefy Charger -
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100W 3C1A GaN Fast Charger
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Unboxing – UGREEN 100W 3C1A GaN Fast Charger

Here’s a quick unboxing video of the UGREEN 100W 3C1A GaN Fast Charger.

The packaging for the UGREEN 100W 3C1A GaN Fast Charger is fairly simple yet sturdy feels premium. The packaging highlights the product at the front side and the specification at the back.

Removing the box’s content reveals the actual charger and other contents that came with it. Unfortunately, it does not come with a charging cable. It only comes with a product manual and that’s pretty much it.

Closer Look – UGREEN 100W 3C1A GaN Fast Charger

Out of the box, the first thing we noticed is the charger’s case, built, and weight. It’s actually quite heavy for a charger of this size but the casing and overall built quality is outstanding. It spells quality and premium product wherever you look at it. It’s a nice change from the rugged-looking design they had with the UGREEN GaN X 65 w PD Fast Charger.

ugreen-100w-3c1a-gan-fast-charger-review-back2gaming- (6)

The surface of the charger is a solid hard plastic that feels nice to touch. Although it’s a little bit of a fingerprint magnet but should not be an issue at all. It feels solid and great to touch.

ugreen-100w-3c1a-gan-fast-charger-review-back2gaming- (6)

The other side of the charger highlights its maximum output rating of 100W. Other than that, there’s not much else to mention here.

ugreen-100w-3c1a-gan-fast-charger-review-back2gaming- (6)

Flipping the charger on its side reveals the USB ports for charging. It comes with 3 Type-C USB ports and 1 Type-A USB port. Both the Type-C USB 1 and USB 2 are the only ports that support a single output capacity of up to 100W while the rest have a maximum output of 22.5W. For devices that have their own fast charging technology such as Oppo, Huawei, and such, only the USB Type-A comes with the support for it such as SCP/QC3.0/AFC/FCP/APPLE 5V2.4A/BC1.2. This also includes Huawei’s top 5V/5A charging rate technology called SuperCharge. All Type-C ports, on the other hand, supports PD3.0(PD2.0) /QC4+(QC4.0\QC3.0\QC2.0)/PPS /AFC/APPLE 5V2.4A/BC1 charging protocols.

ugreen-100w-3c1a-gan-fast-charger-review-back2gaming- (6)

Now flipping the charger to its other side reveals the socket plug type, US, and its I/O specification including certifications and model number. In terms of its plug type, the charger is available in either US plug or EU plug.

ugreen-100w-3c1a-gan-fast-charger-review-back2gaming- (6)

According to its specifications on the paper, the charger should weigh about 235g with a difference of 5g give or take. We weighted the one we have here and it weighs about 8.18oz or 231.89g which is within the product specification. It’s quite heavy to be honest given its size and for a charger but we’re complaining. This spells quality for us.

ugreen-100w-3c1a-gan-fast-charger-review-back2gaming- (6)

Here’s a size-by-side comparison of the 65W version. The smaller version only weighs about 172g.

Performance – UGREEN 100W 3C1A GaN Fast Charger

In this section, we performed a simple test to assess and measure the capabilities of this charger. Our test includes the peak amperage on a 5V rail, charging time for a smartphone 0 to 100$, charging time for a PD device such as Nintendo Switch from 0 to 100%, and charging multiple devices simultaneously filling out all of its charging ports to measure the output of the charger.

Huawei SuperCharger 5V5A (25w)

ugreen-100w-3c1a-gan-fast-charger-review-back2gaming- (6)

Huawei’s SuperCharger technology is considered the pinnacle of a 5V USB charging rail. With the default charger that came with the Huawei P30, it can charge the device from 0 to 100% in 66 minutes and this is given that the battery capacity of the P30 is 3650 mAh. Considering this as our standard benchmark, we tested the UGREEN 3C1A if it can charge our P30 faster or be on par from 0 to 100. Here’s our test result:

Review - UGREEN 100W 3C1A GaN Fast Charger | A Beefy Charger -

The 3C1A fast charger has only peaked at 4.19 amps when charging the smartphone and that’s 4% lower compared to its younger brother, the GaN X 65W, which peaked at 4.38 amps. Next is the 0 to 100 charging time comparison.

Review - UGREEN 100W 3C1A GaN Fast Charger | A Beefy Charger -

Charging the device for 30 mins, both chargers were able to fill up to 60% of the battery. However, the charging rate seems to have progressed differently for both chargers. The default charger charged the P30 at 97% for 60 minutes while the GaN 3C1A achieved 89%. Lastly, at 66 minutes, the P30 was fully charged with the default charger while the UGREEN 100w charger only achieved 94% for the same amount of charging time.

Based on this result, the charging rate difference that occurs after the 30 minutes mark could be due to how each charger communicates with the device. The possibility as to why the UGREEN charger had a lower charging rate after the 30 minutes mark depends on the protocol priority programmed on the charger. We suspect that the UGREEN charger prioritizes a safer charging rate compared to the default charger which, by all means, is not an issue at all.

For testing the output capability, unfortunately, we lack the necessary devices to push the limits of this charger. Using all ports with devices that have no charge, we were only able to utilize up to 70W of output power. Because of this, we won’t able to test the limits and the protection modules of the charger.

Power Delivery – Nintendo Switch

To test the power delivery capability of this charger, we will be using a Nintendo Switch console for this charging test. We will then compare the charging speed rate for both the default Switch charger and the UGREEN 100W GaN charger.

Review - UGREEN 100W 3C1A GaN Fast Charger | A Beefy Charger -

As you can see on our graph result, the UGREEN 100W GaN charger charged the Nintendo Switch to 100% from 0% in just 2 hours and 57 minutes. That’s about 6% faster than the default charging brick that comes with the Nintendo Switch. Furthermore, the console was drawing around 40W peak of power from time to time which could have been the reason why the GaN charger charge the console faster.

Final Thoughts…


Chargers from third-party manufacturers are becoming more prominent these days thanks to an ongoing trend where popular devices such as smartphones are now being sold on the market without an included charger. UGREEN seems to see this as an opportunity to step up their game with the introduction of their Gallium Nitride (GaN) chargers. This particular charger that we have here truly set the standard for third-party chargers on the market. Not only that it’s difficult to find any flaws but it is also quite difficult to find what not to appreciate about this charger. It supports all charging protocols, provides the latest USB ports, comes with excellent protection that protects your devices, and it’s a charger worth checking out.

Performance-wise, it’s superb. Quality? Outstanding. Most of all, it’s pack with features that you won’t usually find on a single and most chargers available on the market. We also love how compact and small it is making it an ideal charger for your travels. If there are one or two things that we say that can be improved for this charger, that would be the number of ports. Well, it’s undeniable that it’s just a matter of time where Type-C USB takes over all devices. Furthermore, future devices and gadgets will be using Type-C. However, cheaper gadgets are still manufactured with Type-A/Type-B USB ports and this can become a problem for some. But then again, this charger is designed and meant to be used for the latest and upcoming devices.

So if you’re on the market for a dependable quality charger for your USB Type-C devices, then we highly recommend checking out the UGREEN 100W GaN Fast Charger. If budget is an issue and you want something cheaper, then we recommend checking out UGREEN GaN X 65w Power Delivery Fast Charger.

Review - UGREEN 100W 3C1A GaN Fast Charger | A Beefy Charger -

Review – UGREEN 100W 3C1A GaN Fast Charger | A Beefy Charger
Final Thoughts
The UGREEN 100W GaN Fast Charger is a pricey charger but definitely worth the price. It packs performance, features, and functionality that you won't easily find on most chargers on the market. UGREENs dedication to use Gallium Nitride and stray away from the overused silicone is a welcome feat that provides efficiency at its utmost.
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Tends to charge a little slower than default chargers at later part