SpecterPro G255SL 144Hz FreeSync Gaming Monitor Review - SpecterPro G255SL Review

SpecterPro G255SL 144Hz FreeSync Gaming Monitor Review

SpecterPro is brand that probably no one has ever heard about. It is a recently launched brand that aims to redefine the world of gaming monitors.  Its debut with its low cost 23″ IPS Monitor, the SpecterPro SP24SL-IPS, gained the title “Monitor ng Bayan,” dethroning the popular VC239H from ASUS. This first step gained the hearts(and money) of the consumers as they requested for a budget 144hz gaming monitor. SpecterPro quickly acknowledged the voice of its fans as they released their G255SL 144hz gaming monitor to satisfy their wallets.

SpecterPro G255SL 144Hz FreeSync Gaming Monitor Review - SpecterPro G255SL Review


SpecterPro G255SL 144Hz FreeSync Gaming Monitor Review - SpecterPro G255SL Review


The packaging of the SpecterPro G255SL is basically the same with the main difference being the sticker on the upper left under the SpecterPro logo. The sticker indicates the monitor model as well as its spec highlights. In our case, 144hz refresh rate, AMD FreeSync, Frameless, 1ms Response time, 2 HDMI port and 1 DisplayPort. The back sports the same design without the bootleg iron man picture.

SpecterPro G255SL 144Hz FreeSync Gaming Monitor Review - SpecterPro G255SL Review
Specter Pro G255SL 144Hz FreeSync Gaming Monitor

The contents of the G255SL include the following:

  • 2 Part Stand
  • Screw
  • Manual
  • Power Cord
  • HDMI Cable
  • DisplayPort Cable

You’ll need a screwdriver to assemble the stand as it doesn’t have an easy install feature especially the base to neck installation as seen on other monitors. The stand is secured at the lower center part of the monitor with 4 screws. The brackets of most monitors are located at the center for better balance. With the G255SL’s case, it’s easier to accidentally tilt the monitor especially if you’re reaching something at the back. It’s surprising to see that the monitor is VESA compatible as this option is often seen on premium monitors. This eliminates the aforementioned titling problem.

At first glance, the monitor doesn’t scream anything gamer as it has a minimalistic look thanks to its frameless design and slim stand. Its slim profile continues at the back but with a bulge on the bottom part where the power supply, ports, and OSD buttons are located.

The SpecterPro logo is located at the bottom part of the monitor. The logo despite the chin’s glossiness doesn’t attract any attention, maintaining its minimalistic look.

The SpecterPro G255SL tilts from 5° to 15°. It has no pivot and height adjustment options. Fortunately, VESA compatibility helps in ergonomics provided you have a good mounting arm.

There’s a generous amount of display options for the G255SL with 2 HDMI ports and a single Display Port. It’s also nice to see that SpecterPro included HDMI and DP cables, saving the user any additional expense.

OSD Menu

The OSD menu is located at the back-right part of the monitor. Personally, I prefer this placement versus the traditional under the screen menu as it is much easier to navigate with.


To further examine the monitor, we tested the SpecterPro G255SL monitor using AIDA64, Spyder 5 Elite Analysis, and Passmark monitor test. These test measure the monitor’s color accuracy, brightness, view angles, and backlight bleed.

SpecterPro G255SL 144Hz FreeSync Gaming Monitor Review - SpecterPro G255SL Review

Color Space is important for monitors as it displays the range of colors it can produce(which is the triangle) out of the millions of colors that our eye can see which is measured through the sRGB coverage. The 99% sRGB rating of the SpecterPro is excellent for its class, beating almost all 24″ TN Monitors. The AdobeRGB on the other hand supports the same number of colors as sRGB but it’s more spread out for the monitor to support heavily saturated colors. Its 74% AdobeRGB coverage is above average than a typical gaming monitor.

Color and Screen Uniformity tells us how the monitor is able to keep its colors and light uniform throughout the display. The DeltaE is a value that notes the total color difference from 3 parameters(green/red, blue/yellow and light/dark) that provide a quantitative color measure. The closer the values are to 0 means better. The upper left part of the screen with a DeltaE value of 3.6 presents the worst color accuracy in the 9 regions of the monitor. There’s not that much to worry about as this region is mostly where the minimap or hud is displayed in most games. Moreover, its away from the center of the screen meaning that your viewing experience will still be enjoyable.


Backlight bleed is minimal and even, atleast on the sample that we got.


SpecterPro G255SL 144Hz FreeSync Gaming Monitor Review - SpecterPro G255SL Review
Specter Pro G255SL 144Hz FreeSync Gaming Monitor
Let's Break it Down...

Performance. The SpecterPro G255SL performs admirably well in our tests. Colors are great out of the box thanks to its 99% sRGB and 74% AdobeRGB coverage. Backlight bleeding is minimal on our sample and is concentrated on the bottom part which most game HUDs are displayed. The monitor’s 144hz refresh rate and 1ms ghosting is a gamer’s delight and throughout our testing period, we were not able to experience issues such as ghosting. Its black levels are decent enough for me to spot enemies hiding in bushes or dark spots while playing PUBG.

Build Quality. The Monitor’s build quality is not as impressive compared to other features that the monitor has, but it’s not below industry standards especially when you factor in the price. The metal build of the stand contributes to the monitor’s rigidity despite the stand’s slim profile. The aesthetics here doesn’t compromise the function of the stand. Though the placement of the bracket behind the monitor presents the problem of accidental tilt as mentioned earlier.

Functionality. The SpecterPro G255SL is pretty much a jack of all trades with all of its features that were discussed earlier. The tilt angles are decent. Though its height is a bit low compared to most monitors that some may need to add monitor stand depending on their overall desk setup. The OSD setting is easy to navigate with thanks to its button placement and simple UI.

Bundle.  The Display Options and included cables are more than what you need, be it a multi-monitor setup. The extra ports provide the user option to also plug additional devices such as game consoles. VESA compatibility is a cherry on top giving the user the ability to eliminate pivot and height restrictions.

Value. At 9,700 Php, this monitor is very hard to beat with all its bells and whistles. Its price seats between quality 24″ IPS displays and 24″ 144hz Gaming Monitors. Its AdobeRGB coverage makes it a perfect display for gamers who are also involved with editing or any graphics design heavy work as it gives out a nice balance between price and features.

The SpecterPro G255SL disrupts the market with its well-packed features and price. It bridges the gap between an IPS and a high refresh rate gaming monitor for its price. Ofcourse for a little bit more, you can get a monitor decent monitor such as the BenQ XL2411 that has a flexible stand for pivot and height adjustment as well as USB ports. But the money involves getting the said extra features boils down to a case to case basis especially if the user is on a budget. The only question that remains is how long will this monitor last in terms of durability. As a new brand, it’s fair that we should give them the benefit of the doubt and hope that the G255SL’s overall build quality is sturdy enough.

Overall, the Specter Pro G255SL exceeds our expectations for its price. It’s a very compelling upgrade for gamers who are yet to experience an IPS or a high refresh rate display. It delivers that premium gaming experience with a small trade-off in adjustability without having to break the bank.

With all of that said, Specter Pro have accomplished their vision for this monitor. Backed with EASYPC’s 1yr Replacement Warranty, we crown the SpecterPro G255SL monitor our Best Value and Performance Award!