The Top Gaming Apps for Android Phones

Gone are the days when Android phones only had mediocre finishes, average cameras, and would crash mid-way. In the past decade, Android has competed with Apple and if I must say, has almost beaten Apple at its own game by offering all that Apple does and more. Its luxury “S” line is what makes the people get in line long before it is launched. What makes Android so amazing? Well, for one, not only does it have all the features any great smartphone these days has, but also it offers unlimited customization, which truly makes a phone, yours. From having more storage capacity to the state of the art camera, owning an Android also means downloading the best apps for free. Most of these free apps have to be bought on Apple phones. Similarly, many games on the Google Play Store are not available on Apple unless the phone is jailbroken! Now that we know the perks of owning an Android, let us get to the main gist of this article: telling you about the most popular and the absolute best games to have on your Android phones that will elevate your entire experience of owning that smartphone. Even if you are not a gaming person, trust us, these games are not just for the sake of entertainment, they serve more purposes. You can play them when you have some waiting to do, have a good time challenging friends, beat existing top scores, enhance your creativity and decision-making skills, and keep yourself entertained throughout the day!

To download and play the following games, all you need is a stable internet connection that allows you to enjoy a smooth gaming experience. So, if your current internet service is troubling you, we suggest you cancel your subscription and sign up for Spectrum Internet as it comes with incredible speeds and unlimited data, enabling you to play as many games as you like without any interruption. With that said, let us discuss the top gaming apps for your Android phone.

Halfbrick Studio Games

This company makes addictive games that are not only a thrill to play but also one just cannot get enough of them! Their games have simple quick mechanics like they do not require a great load of thinking and just anyone can play them. Some popular names include Fruit Ninja, Jetpack Joyride, and Dan the Man. All these games are free. We personally love Fruit Ninja; cut fruits in real life might not be fun but slashing them on Halfbrick Studio’s game is the best time ever!

Our rating: 10/10

Nintendo Games

Lucky for all you Android owners, you do not need to own an actual Nintendo to play all that the company offers. Their coolest creations such as Pocket Camp and Super Mario Run amongst many others are available to be downloaded from the Play Store. These games hit the right nostalgic spot and are just as great to play on smartphone screens.

Our rating: 9/10

Noodlecake Studios

This is one of the most popular game-making companies present on Android. The reason for its fame is that it has a game in every genre, for each personality. From dress-up and puzzle to arcade and action, Noodlecake studios is jam-packed with top-rated, diverse games that have had millions of downloads from across the world. The most reviewed games include island Delta, Framed 1 and 2, and Alto’s Adventure.

Our rating: 10/10

Pokémon Go by Wizards Unite

All people from the millennial and generation Z era have had a kick of Pokémon Go. This game in its time created absolute buzz and even now, it stands in the top 20 most downloaded games of all time. So what makes it that good? Well, for starters, it is based on the world-famous Pokémon series. It is no regular game, you can play it in real-time! As you walk around in your whereabouts, you can catch Pokémons and make an entire collection. The entire process is quite interesting. It is a Pokémon-lovers dream come true!

Our rating: 9/10

Harry Potter by Wizards Unite

Similar to how the Pokémon game works, this game too involves using your GPS navigation to roam the virtual world of Harry Potter. It brings the fantasy world from our childhood’s favorite books and movies to life. One can get lost for hours in the Wizards’ realm and unleash many mysteries as one progresses along with the levels. Not to forget – meeting the characters is included in the game as well!

Our rating: 9/10

Rayark Rhythm Games

Rayark Gaming Studio is known for its top-notch graphics, amazing usability, and outstanding updates. The games though free require in-app purchases that make the entire experience worth the money and time spent! Some users even adore the catchy songs that the games contain. The most popular games by Rayark Rhythm include Cytus, Cytus 2, Deemo, and Mandora. These games have spectacular storylines which keep the users at the edge of their seats at all times. You can even spice things up by changing the storylines at all times to face different obstacles, fight battles set in various settings, and interact with new characters!

Our rating: 10/10