How to Track your Boyfriend’s Phone Remotely -

How to Track your Boyfriend’s Phone Remotely

Have you been looking for a way to track your boyfriend’s phone without being noticed? You may trust your boyfriend, but it’s also good to be sure that he is not hiding anything from you. 

How to Track your Boyfriend’s Phone Remotely -

To accomplish this, you need a phone surveillance app to track your boyfriend’s phone, stress-free. This lets you relax as you enjoy your boyfriend’s trust being aware of his every move. 

In this post, you will learn how to track your boyfriend’s phone remotely using a reliable app. 

Neatspy – The go-to phone tracking app

Neatspy is a trusted phone surveillance app by millions of users across the world. Follow this link to check out Neatspy. Neatspy has over 30 phone tracking features. 

How to Track your Boyfriend’s Phone Remotely -

As the app gained huge following it attracted the attention of major media outlets like Forbes. When using this app to track your boyfriend, it won’t affect his phone’s performance in any way. It supports iPhone and Android phones. 

Neatspy is a web-based phone tracking app that lets you track your boyfriend remotely over the internet. If you want a “boyfriend’s phone tracker without installing software”, check out the Neatspy app for iPhones. 

Features of neat spy mobile app

Although we can’t list all the phone tracking features of this app, here are some of them:

  1. Call log tracking

If you’ve been looking for a way to track your boyfriend’s phone calls, Neatspy lets you accomplish this. It lets you know who he calls regularly, the time of call, and the duration of all the calls. 

How to Track your Boyfriend’s Phone Remotely -

All these benefits come in handy, and he will never suspect. 

  1. Browser history tracking

This app helps you to know the personal web history details of your boyfriend. You can quickly understand the sites he visits most of the time. If he is on dating sites, you will know. 

All the details of his web visits will be made available to you with the help of this tracking app. Again, you will be able to see the things he downloads from those websites. 

  1. Social media tracking

You can now track all the social activities of your boyfriend without struggling. Through Neatspy, you can see the conversations that your boyfriend is having on social media. It can track activities on Facebook and WhatsApp among others. 

How to Track your Boyfriend’s Phone Remotely -

More so, you can download the files that are exchanged in those conversations. You don’t need to worry again and live in suspicion. Neatspy lets you get the facts right by accessing all his social media activities. 

  1. Location tracker

Neatspy informs you of all his geographical whereabouts without him knowing. With Neatspy, you will know when your boyfriend leaves a particular geographic area.

How to Track your Boyfriend’s Phone Remotely -

Interestingly, Neatspy has a geofence feature. You can use it to get alerts when he leaves the office or home. Whether he tells you the truth about his whereabouts, Neatspy will always update you.

  1. Contact surveillance

Neatspy lets you access the contacts on your boyfriend’s phone. It will keep a close look at his contact list. You will know his favorite contacts, who he is in contact with. 

How to Track your Boyfriend’s Phone Remotely -

Through contact tracking, you will know more about the contacts on your boyfriend’s phone. The app lets you see the portfolio of the saved contacts on social platforms such as WhatsApp. 

  1. The keylogger feature

If you want to know your boyfriend’s phone credentials such as passwords discreetly, Neatspy can help you. The keylogger feature captures all the keystrokes he makes on his phone. 

How to Track your Boyfriend’s Phone Remotely -

To make access to these keystrokes, Neatspy groups all the keystrokes based on the app. So, it is easy to see his passwords, pin numbers, and other personal login details. 

How to track your boyfriend’s phone remotely with Neatspy

To track your boyfriend’s phone, Neatspy will help you through the following steps.

Step 1: You need to visit the official Neatspy website to signup for an account. Choose a plan that will meet your tracking needs.

How to Track your Boyfriend’s Phone Remotely -

Step 2: Select the phone you want to track. For an Android phone, you will need one-time access to his phone to install the app. After installation, the app hides in installed apps. 

If your boyfriend uses an iPhone no installation is necessary. Provide his Apple ID credentials to start tracking his activities. Neatspy uses iCloud backup to track his phone

Step 3: After you are done setting his phone, Neatspy will take you to your dashboard. 

Step 4: In your dashboard, you will have access to a panel that gives you access to all the features. The panel to the left lets you choose whatever you want to track on his phone. 

How to Track your Boyfriend’s Phone Remotely -

Here, you can track virtually anything on his phone. Starting with location, SIM card, social Apps, email, calendar, notes, and any installed app. 

The capabilities of Neatspy mobile app

Besides its features, Neatspy also comes with multiple phone tracking capabilities. Read on to find out some of them: 

  1. Safe mobile app

You don’t need to worry that the app will introduce malicious viruses or malware on your boyfriend’s phone. Neatspy is a legitimate app that keeps the device safe and does not interrupt that phone’s behavior.

What’s more, it doesn’t gather data from the target device. Besides, you are the only person who can access the tracking details of your boyfriend’s phone. 

  1. The app is discreet

The boyfriend will not know that you are tracking his activities. You can track his phone calls, contact list, geographical positioning, and social media surveillance, among others. 

His phone’s performance will not be affected, which means he will not even suspect your tracking activities. On iPhones, the app uses iCloud backup to spy on your boyfriend. 

To spy on his Android phone, the app disguises itself. What’s more, when you are done, Neatspy lets you uninstall the app remotely in one click.

  1. No rooting or jailbreaking necessary

Neatspy is a doesn’t require rooting Android or jailbreaking iPhones to track your boyfriend. To avoid this, the app uses cutting-edge phone tracking technology. Also, rooting or jailbreaking a phone compromises its security. 


To track your boyfriend’s phone remotely, you need a trustworthy phone tracking app. With Neatspy, you get a relationship lifesaver that lets you track your boyfriend discreetly. Try it out.