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How to Track the Real-Time Location of Your Kids?

Keeping an eye on the children when they are around is easy, but what to do when they are out of your range? In some places, leaving children alone is not safe, as someone might kidnap them, bully them, or rob them.

And if you often allow your children to go to classes, park, cafeteria, movie, or anywhere on their own, then having a real-time location tracker on their smartphone is necessary. This may sound like a privacy breach, but nothing can be as important as your kid’s safety. With the FamiSafe Parental control app, you can do a lot more than just tracking the real-time location of your kids.

In this article, we will have a brief discussion on the features of the app, its pricing, and a quick guide on how to set up the real-time location tracker in the device. So, without any further delay, let’s get started.

What is the FamiSafe Parental Control app?

If you haven’t heard of FamiSafe before, this question would have definitely struck your mind. But as the name suggests, FamiSafe is a full-fledged parental control app with features such as screen time limit, app block, real-time location tracker, and more. The best part about using this app is that it has Windows parental controls software, so if your child owns a Windows laptop or tablet, you don’t have to hunt around for a window’s location tracking software.

The app is a product of Wondershare Technologies which is popular for its Filmora Video editing software. FamiSafe allows you to take control of your kid’s device and help them focus on the right path and stay away from the negative side of the internet.

Let’s have a further discussion on the features of this parental control app.

Features offered by FamiSafe

As aforementioned, Famisafe is loaded with all the parental control features you will ever need. There won’t be any need to look around for another parental control app because famisafe has everything a parent would need to keep its child’s online activities secure.

Real-time location tracker

Kickstarting with the feature that brought you here. FamiSafe allows you to track the real-time location of your kid. Moreover, you can set a geofence, that is, a set of coordinates, and if your child goes beyond them, you will be alerted. You can watch the recent activity area, find out where they were at a certain time and track the real-time location.

Driving history report

If your child uses a vehicle for commuting purposes, you can check the driving history reports, find out the top speed, total driving distance, and help your child to form good driving manners. Famisafe also highlights the dangerous activities that took place during the driving session and show you in the driving report center.

Screen time

Smartphones and other devices often distract the kids while they are preparing for an examination. In such cases, enabling a screen time limit and preventing them from using their devices during study hours can be beneficial. FamiSafe allows you to set a screen time limit on a device or block it entirely.

Activity report

The activity report feature helps you to track the overall activity such as apps used, websites visited and the time spends on them. This helps you to find out which app your kid uses the most, and block it instantly if it is useless. You can even view the videos watched by your kids on YouTube.

Block apps/websites

You can block certain apps that you think are interfering with your child’s schedule. If you think your child installs useless apps and visits adult websites, you can directly block such categories of apps and websites.

There are more than 10 categories in the website’s filter section, which includes adult, drug, violence, and more which can be blocked in a few taps. You can enable safe search on the device so that the results which contain NSFW content will be automatically filtered out.

FamiSafe Parental Control App Pricing

Famisafe has three-tier subscription plans, that is, monthly, quarterly, and yearly. If you wish to try the app and see if it’s useful for you, take a one-month subscription which costs $9.99. The monthly plan secures 5 devices at a time and has all the features of FamiSafe.

The quarterly plan is billed at $19.99 per quarter and protects 10 devices simultaneously. On average, this plan will cost you $6.66 per month and is billed at the end of each quarter. Lastly, the most cost-efficient among all is the Family plan, billed at $59.99 per year, roughly $4.99 per month. This plan also protects 10 devices at once and has all the features of the app.

The app is available on all operating systems, such as Android, iOS, Amazon, and Windows.

How To Track Kid’s Location Using Famisafe?

FamiSafe has a wonderful feature called Geofence. In short, Geofence is a digital boundary which when crossed, sends alerts to the parents. With this feature enabled, you will receive notifications every time your kid goes beyond a certain range from home, school, or whatever place.

How to setup:

  1. Download and install FamiSafe on both devices, and select parent on yours and kid on the second one.
  2. Once done, signup into your account, purchase a subscription and pair the devices of your kids using the unique pairing code which is displayed on the top of the app’s front page.
  3. That’s it. You can now scroll around the feature list and select the location tracking feature, and turn on the real-time location tracking feature. Moreover, you can also set the geofence feature.

With that being said…

FamiSafe is a complete package for parents to help their kids become good digital citizens. The app not only blocks access to apps and websites but also helps the kids to focus on the important part of real-life rather than staying indulged in digital life watching useless videos, reels, and using social media.