How to Keep Your Smartphone From Unnecessary push notification -

How to Keep Your Smartphone From Unnecessary push notification

Different types of notifications from built-in apps appear on your smartphone every day. Sometimes these are advertising messages from sites that we have subscribed to. Over time, this becomes annoying and you want to get rid of half of the bothering notifications.

What is a push notification and why it is important?

Push notifications are pop-up ads or messages with brief information about individual events. These can be notifications from websites or built-in applications. They pop up even on a dark phone screen when it is in a “sleep” state and overlaps most of the functionality. Usually, the message disappears after a couple of minutes, but leaves the icon at the top, in the control panel. Sometimes notifications provide important information, and sometimes they do not interest you and only distract attention.

Thanks to these notifications, users can see:

– Messages, reviews, likes, and new posts on social networks like Instagram, LinkedIn, or Facebook.

– News from installed games or applications.

– Upcoming events and activities.

– Missed calls and messages.

– Problems in Android, Windows, or iOS system.

– Released software updates.

How to disable push notifications from the Browser on Android devices?

Such notifications appear only after your consent, usually, you go to the site and see a subscription offer, you have the right to refuse and it is better to do this, especially if you do not know the site offering subscription.

Browser notifications are the easiest to deal with because you just need to go to the browser settings and find the “notifications” item there. And simply disable all unwanted items from the list.

In the Google Chrome browser, this is done as follows:

– Go to the browser and click on the “Settings” button

– In the settings, we are looking for the item “Site settings”

– Now we find the item “Notifications”

– In the menu that appears, you will see all sites that can send you notifications, if in doubt – turn off everything, otherwise only the “spamming website”.

How to turn off notifications on specific devices?

Some smartphones use specific Android-based firmware, the interface of which has its own differences. Xiaomi has MIUI, Meizu has Flyme. How should notifications be removed in this case?

On Xiaomi:

– Open the application you need and go to the settings (the icon in the form of gear or three dots in the upper right corner is responsible for them).

– Find the option “Get recommendations” (if you do not see it right away – look in the section “Additional settings” or “Information”)

– Move the slider to disable receiving recommendations.

On Meizu:

– Open “Settings” and go to “Notifications and status bar”.

– Select the “Notification Manager” section.

– Select the desired application and turn off the “Allow notifications” option.

Antivirus and VPN vs adware and push notifications

In order not to receive adware viruses, install an anti-virus program on your smartphone. The irony is that free antivirus software often has ads embedded. So when choosing, find out if you are getting ads in an attempt to get rid of annoying ads.

If your antivirus doesn’t recognize an ad hotbed, use a registry cleaner (say, CCleaner or CleanMaster). They will show a list of applications installed on the smartphone. If any of them looks suspicious, read more about them. In which case, the unwanted software is demolished using the same program.

When the source of unnecessary ads has been removed from your smartphone, clear the device cache – the part of the memory where temporary files are stored. Cleaning is done manually, but you have to tinker with each application separately. It’s easier to clean the device cache completely using the same CleanMaster. After clearing the memory, restart the gadget.

Some push notifications are regionally bound. For example, some major online retailers will only send notifications to US users. In this case, the solution is obvious – you need to use a VPN to virtually change your location. Just select a server from the required country and you can forget about annoying ads.

If you do not want to overload your smartphone with a multifunctional VPN application, we recommend that you pay attention to one of these programs:

– ExpressVPN,

– NordVPN,

– VyprVPN.

What should I choose?

All three of the above VPN providers are excellent servers that guarantee users an adequate level of privacy and security when surfing the Internet from a mobile device.

There is often a slight confusion between the NordVPN and VyprVPN, as they are quite similar in their features and operation. The key difference between the two is that thanks to Chameleon’s proprietary technology, VyprVPN is one of the best VPNs for China. If you are planning a trip to the “Celestial Kingdom”, we recommend that you pay attention to this software solution.

Application for prohibiting push notifications

It should be noted right away that you cannot disable all push notifications at once through the standard phone settings. You have to do everything manually. But Android has a special app Notification Blocker & Cleaner that will not disable the function, but hide messages even from the control panel.

Instructions for use Notification Blocker & Cleaner:

– Download the application from the Play Store.

– Click on “Clean Now” and give access to all applications.

– Activate it through “Notification Cleaner”.

– Click on the wheel in the upper right corner to select the programs with which the blocker will work.

As for push notifications from sites, they can be turned off only through the browser settings. Better yet, do not give permission or subscribe to the alerts when you visit the resource.


Push notifications appear on the screen of your smartphone every day, and it is quite easy to get rid of some of them. Although some recommend keeping in order to be aware of what is happening and to respond to problems in time. Alas, you cannot completely turn off notifications from all programs, but you can hide and clear them using special applications.