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Five Ways You Can Use Your Smartphone to Pass the Time During Lockdown

Most of us are spending more time in our homes because of the lockdown. Fortunately, there are plenty of mobile applications that allow us to be productive, or at least have some fun, during isolation. 

Whether you want to learn something new, or just relax and pass the time, there are numerous great choices. You can find most of the apps presented here on Google Play or the App Store. In this article, we will share five of our favorite isolation applications.


Duolingo lets you use your isolation time to learn a new language. A study was published last year that discovered learning a second language increased brain mass, especially in persons living with multiple sclerosis.

This app assists you in learning the foundations of other languages, all the while enabling you to connect with other individuals studying the same language. Learning another language with Duolingo is engaging and fun. The app lets you:

  • Answer questions against the clock
  • Gain points for successful answers
  • Progress to new levels
  • Earn virtual coins

Duolingo’s lessons are quite short but effective nevertheless. You will witness your fluency increase as you learn new phrases, words, and grammar.


This platform enables you to chat with others and is specially designed with gamers in mind. With Discord, you can send video clips, text, images, and communicate both person-to-person and in chat channels. 

There are versions of Discord for macOS, iOS, Windows, Linux, and Android. The app has been massively successful among gamers and has over 240 million unique users chatting about various games. Moreover, you get to stream your gameplay directly through the app.

This platform works on the principle of channels and servers. Servers represent a game or a community. They are divided into channels that only grant access to particular individuals within the server. Discord also has: 

  • Gamer-friendly features
  • Group VoIP chats
  • Screen sharing


This app is available for iOS, Windows, and Android. The platform represents an original learning tool that offers lessons from leading professionals in specific niches, ranging from poker and creative writing to acting and cooking. Masterclass concentrates on high-quality lessons made by celebrities, but each class consists of easy-to-learn lessons focused on a simple objective including a comprehensive video presentation. 

Where else are you going to see Neil Gaiman, Werner Herzog, Margaret Atwood, and Natalie Portman explaining what they have learned over the years? Whether they’re natural teachers or not, these experts are still among the best in their industry and have some extraordinary insights to share. Although quite pricey, the platform may still be worth your time and money.

Free Slot Games

Nowadays, accessing numerous free iGaming platforms through smartphones is very easy. Apps like Slotomania provide you with the same experience as the one you get when playing traditional slots. Also, there’s an additional benefit you won’t be required to spend a dime. 

Therefore, it’s no wonder that a massive number of players chooses to kill time by playing Slotomania games during the lockdown.

Another app you can use to play slot games with virtual currency is Vegas Downtown Slots. Although you can’t win any actual money, you can’t lose any either. Ultimately, mobile iGaming apps are more user-friendly than their desktop versions.

Down Dog

This yoga app belongs to a wide selection of fitness apps that have been free to use lately. This is because the app developers want people to retain their fitness during the lockdown. This yoga platform is likely the best in the fitness category because it focuses on personalization. Users can decide between various session lengths, areas of the body they want to develop, as well as the type of yoga they’re interested in.

Moreover, Down Dog creates a routine that hits all body parts and has easy-to-follow lessons. If you’re interested in something that will make you sweat more, try the 7 Minute Workout app, made by the same developers. Both are currently free.