The Evolution of Playstation -

The Evolution of Playstation

After numerous failed partnerships with big gaming companies back then, such as Sega, Nintendo, and more, Sony had finally decided to go their own way and create their own original gaming console. Little did they know it would change the gaming world forever. The first Playstation was introduced in December 1994 across Japan, however it did not make it to the United States of America till September,1995, but that didn’t stop it from blowing up all around the world and becoming a must-have device for all gaming enthusiasts, boasting the most advanced 3-dimensional graphics at the time, thanks to some groundbreaking games that had placed a massive impact on the industry.

As years went by, we started to enjoy and crave gaming more and more, games were starting to get too advanced for the game-changing Playstation, and it was getting a bit old. March 2000 came around, and along with it came the PS2, Sony’s take on the all new ‘64 bit console’, which by the way, also gave the player the option to play online, a feature that changed gaming forever. This also led to the widest variety of games to ever be available on a single console, making it the top console out of all its competitors. This was clearly seen when the company sold 100 million PS2’s faster than any other console to ever be released.

Later on in 2006, the PS3 was released, in an all new gaming industry, very different from anything we had ever seen before. Sony had some proper competition for the first time, making it a bit less successful for them than their previous releases, due to strong competition from the all new Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Xbox 360. This started a new heated competition between both the consoles, and the people who used them. You were either team Playstation, or you were Team Xbox. Both consoles shared many games but also had certain titles which were exclusive to each particular console. The PS3 also introduced VR, and the ability to browse the internet through the console, which means you could even play on some online casinos like Comeon for the very first time.

7 years later, the PS4 came around, as you guessed it, with bigger games, higher graphics, and all new innovative ways to play, and even gave the player the convenience of having an all-in-one, gaming console, blu-ray DVD player, and media streaming device, while expanding the VR market, and much much more. Sony had to go a long way to be able to compete with the all new Xbox One, so they went all out, and they didn’t fail to make the PS4 superior to its competitors.

In 2020, the PS5 was released. Now we’re enjoying the start of a new era in gaming, with gaming PC – like specifications, the PS5 is one of the largest gaming consoles yet, and has capabilities unlike we’ve ever seen before on a gaming console, and an all new futuristic controller that has an incredible design for comfort and all new innovative haptic feedback, which will immerse you into your games more than you ever imagined!