Sony Has Completely Blocked Access to the Old PlayStation Store -

Sony Has Completely Blocked Access to the Old PlayStation Store

Sony appeared to have blocked access to an old online store through which players could access games for the PS3, PS Vita, and PSP. It is most probable that the stores will be closed forever soon.

Some predictions are as follows:

  • The service on PS3 will end on July 2;
  • PlayStation Vita will be active until August 27.

Fortunately, players will still be able to use games, videos, and multimedia content that they were initially playing. However, they will not be able to buy digital copies of that content with in-game payments or spending funds from Vita, PS3, or PSP wallets.

In return, the company is going to concentrate its powers on the PS Store for the new consoles. Earlier, Sony promised to keep the PS4 up to date and release new PS4 games until, at least, 2024. There, of course, will pass several years after which PlayStation 4 owners will be able to use PlayStation ROMs services until they are disabled.

Coming back to the subject, the PlayStation 3 was released in November 2006 and has been in service for over ten years. During this period, Sony shipped over 87 million PS3 units. The portable PSP was also popular with the audience and sold 80-82 million units. However, PS Vita doesn’t look very strong against the background of the rest of the PlayStation family with sales of 15-16 million by the end of its life cycle in 2019.

Sony Will Give a Second Life to the PS4

The PS5 will replace the PS4 very soon, but there are several reasons to keep the PS4:

  1. You can play PS5 games on it;
  2. Sony has confirmed that the PS4 will soon provide remote access to your other consoles, and the PS5 is no exception here;
  3. PS5 Remote Play is now available on PS4, allowing you to stream games in Full HD (1080p). This way, you can access PS5 games and play them remotely, from any location;
  4. You don’t need to hold your PS4 to stream games that were initially created for PS5. The PS Remote Play app will soon receive an update for some other platforms as well. When it comes to the Windows version, it will allow you to access the stream from the PS5 not only in 1080p but also with HDR.

The Sony PS Remote Play apps for Android and iOS have already been updated to be run on the PlayStation 5. Besides, Sony has recently updated its main PS app with a new interface, built-in messaging, voice and video calling, and full-fledged store access.


It’s worth noting that despite the closure of the online store and the fact that global PS5 sales outnumber those of the Xbox Series X/S rivals, the Sony console cannot be said to be alright. If this trend continues, analysts say that total PS5 sales could account for less than half of PS4 sales. According to the reputable portal, over 109 million PS4s have been sold worldwide to date. Let’s see what will happen with PS5.