Max Out: Best PS5 Accessories Available -

Max Out: Best PS5 Accessories Available

With the release of any new console, the release of a boatload of accessories to go with it quickly follows. The Playstation 5 is no different, it was released with a great selection of accessories and more have followed. 

This list includes the incredible PS5 Dual Sense controller, but there are also a few you may not have seen yet, and definitely a few you are going to want to go out and buy immediately. 

Dual Sense Controller

One small issue still hasn’t been addressed when it comes to console releases, and that is the fact that you can very rarely get a console with two controllers. Therefore, you need another, and there really isn’t any controller better than the PS5 Dual Sense. 

The haptic feedback in this controller is something you have never experienced before. Feel the pitter patter of rain, the gust if something flies past you, all through vibrations in your controller. 

The paddles also provide a lot of feedback and resistance, something that can be felt in a shooter such as Call of Duty, where R2, the trigger used to shoot, has some resistance, making you feel like you are pulling an actual trigger. Truly the best Playstation controller ever released.

Charging Dock

A charging dock may not be a must, but it is certainly a luxury that just simplifies the small aspect of charging your controller. While you can use the provided cables, a charging dock is much more simple, and is simply a case of dropping the controller in and forgetting about it. 

PS HD Camera

In a time where more people are gaming than ever before, there are also more and more people wanting to stream or share their gameplay. The PS5 HD Camera makes that easier than you could imagine. 

Not only does it provide high definition and quality imaging, it has built in tools that allow you to crop your background for streaming, and also allows you broadcast via picture-in-picture with your game, or to crop out or replace your background. 

This is a seriously great all-in-one accessory that will allow you to quickly and easily get on the road of recording/streaming your gameplay. 

Pulse 3D Headset

Max Out: Best PS5 Accessories Available -

Another incredible accessory that has been added to the Playstation arsenal, is their new Pulse 3D Headset. The headset takes full advantage of the PS5’s 3D audio, and the very comfortable ear cups allow for hours of wear. 

You can also adjust the chat setting directly on the headphones, and the noise cancelling microphones allow for very clear voice chat. Another bonus is that it is wireless, and has up to 12 hours of battery life before needing a recharge, plus, you’re able to use it with a PS4 as well. 

Media Remote

Considering the PS5 has been designed to be more than just a gaming console, many people will use it as their main entertainment system as well, therefore, you are going to need a remote since using the controller can be a bit annoying at times. 

The PS5 media remote is small and sleek, and only has exactly what you need. A play and pause button, fast-forward and rewind buttons, as well as dedicated buttons for streaming services like Netflix, Disney + and Spotify. Once again, it isn’t a must, but it certainly is the accessory you need for that complete entertainment system feeling. 

WD Black Hard Drive

While the PS5 does come with a massive hard drive and a ton of space, nowadays, no amount of space seems like enough, with every release of a new console, comes games that are two or three times bigger than before. 

While there isn’t a hard drive available at the moment that will allow you to play games directly off of it, the 4TB WD hard drive is more than big enough to store your games and transfer them onto your PS5, instead of doing the more than annoying task of downloading, deleting, re-downloading games every single time you want to make some space on your console. 


While this one isn’t a must, if you are someone who is looking to take advantage of everything your console has to offer, as well as getting the most out of it, you are more than likely going to need a new TV. 

Most people will have a TV that runs at 1080p or lower, this isn’t enough if you want to take advantage of the 4K capabilities of the Playstation. You will also notice the very impressive frame-rate immediately, as well as the huge difference a 4K TV makes to how your games look. 

As mentioned, this is most definitely not a necessity, but if you have the money to do it, upgrading your TV to 4K is highly recommended. 

While you don’t actually need these accessories to have a good time playing on your console, they are highly recommended, and will allow you to get the most out of a console that is easily the most advanced one yet, as well as being one that provides a lot more features. Getting the accessories to match is just the cherry on the top.