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Egyptian Themed Games

When we think of Egypt, we think of Pharaoh’s, buried treasure, and pyramids. Egyptian culture is a mystery and because of its unique monuments and storied past, Egypt is often used as a backdrop for games. If you enjoy the mysterious culture of the Egyptians, from the pyramids in Giza to the Great Sphinx, then you are sure to like Egyptian themed games. Check out a few categories below.

Egyptian Themed Video Games

Because Egypt is such a fascinating place, video game developers have long used the region to create a storyline for video games of all types. One that instantly comes to mind is Lara Croft. When the game was originally released in 1996, it became an instant hit and players were able to travel to Egypt and play along as Lara as she fights enemies and discovers artifacts.

If you are a fan of Sims games, the developer of this game took to Egypt during World Adventures. Players can take their Sims to Egypt and explore the ancient ruins, even taking on puzzles that create quite a challenge.

Egyptian Themed Board Games

Take Amun-Re is a popular board game for three to five players ages 12 and up that takes around 90 minutes to play. The game allows players to use a bidding system to purchase provinces and build pyramids along with other resources. This is done to earn points, which helps players to win the game.

Another option for board gameplay is Nefertiti. This game is challenging and uses multiple formats of auction during the game with simple rules that any player can understand. There are variable play options in this board game and with an expansion pack, the way you play can extend even further. This game is perfect for three to four players ages 10 and up, taking around 45 minutes to complete.

Egyptian Themed Card Games

For those who enjoy card games, Valley of the Kings is a nice option. Technically considered a board game, this option uses a deck-building format. There are 96 artifact cards in this game along with four tomb cards. Two to four players ages 14 and up can play, with game time lasting around 45 minutes.

This game is based on Egyptian culture and the fact that when Egyptians die, they take with them what they have in life. In the game, you are competing with other players to have the best artifacts in your tomb. At the end of the game, players will score the artifacts to see who has the most victory points and they are named the winner.

Egyptian Themed Slots

If you are a fan of slot gaming, there are tons of Egyptian themed games to choose from. It is super easy to find sites to play Egyptian online slots, no matter your playing style. One of the most popular options, that also happens to be adult-themed, is A Night with Cleo. This game focuses on the beautiful Cleopatra and offers players the ability to see the beautiful seductress remove pieces of clothing. The game is popular due to its theme but also the fact that it offers free spins and large jackpot prizes.

Another popular option is Book of Anubis. This game features the gold of embalming and the protector of the dead, otherwise known as Anubis. Set in the Valley of the Kings, this game takes players straight to a tomb where huge prizes can be won along with free bonus spins to be won.

All these games bring Egyptian culture to life in a different way. Choose your preferred format and start enjoying quality entertainment based in tombs and pyramids deep within the mysterious deserts of Egypt!