BattlePass Dota2 2020: Worth It? -

BattlePass Dota2 2020: Worth It?

The new BattlePass for Dota 2 is finally out and some of you guys might have already bought one of those but if you didn’t, we are here to share some thoughts and ideas on this Battle Pass, its benefits, some of its flaws, and all the tiny little details you might not even notice at first. We are going to discuss the Standard Battle Pass, as it is probably what most of you are going to get, but you need to know that there are Level 50 and Level 100 Passes too. The Standard one is just $9.99, and it contains a variety of rewards. So, let us dive deeper into the Dota 2 BattlePass for 2020 and see what’s going on there!

BattlePass Dota2 2020: Worth It? -


Once you activate that Level 1 Battle Pass, the first thing you get is 100 Sideshop Gold. What’s Sideshop Gold, you ask? We are going to discuss this feature later as it is new, and many players might still don’t know what to do with it and how to use Sideshop and its currency properly. Next, you will get lots of Gauntlet Tickets, which is also great for when you want to battle with a true hero, a Consumable Portal, a Disco Ball, a Soccer Ball, a consumable Red Paper, and several Immortal Treasures. The owners of the Battle Pass will receive additional points for each match, which is how they would level up their pass to receive even more rewards. Leveling up your account would take some time, that’s for sure, so if you are a student, make sure you don’t miss on your classes or use some online assignment help to avoid any troubles along the way.


That is a new feature we are going to discuss, as it might just be the next most exciting thing about this update. The deal is like this: Sithil and Quirt are looking for the Emblem of Divinity and they need some help, of course. In the Sideshop, you need to spend your gold from the pass to collect heroes, then combine the same heroes to upgrade them into the more powerful versions of themselves, and then sell those heroes to get gems. Gems are the currency you can later spend for Immortal Treasures and Persona new Arcana. This might sound more complicated than it actually is, but it’s quite simple – collect the same heroes, combine several heroes of the same type into one, which is going to be more powerful, until you are ready to sell them for special gems that are going to give you insane rewards.

The downside of all of this fun is that most of us are going to get lost in all of that grinding trying to get as much gold and gems as possible. Obviously, most people need to live their lives and not just play, which is why we cannot just ditch all of our activities for grinding. On the other hand, I can turn to Edubirdie help me with my assignment in Australia and just go around some of those college assignment problems. Well, to tell the truth, there’s not much let to do, especially since the summer vacation is almost on, and I cannot help but try and grind for some of those gems. This will surely make life a lot easier.

BattlePass Dota2 2020: Worth It? -

Skins and Taunts

The new skins are also a big deal for most players, and there are tons of those in this new Battle pass. Most characters will get new skins that are just insanely cool, and to unlock those, the players will either have to reach a certain level or unlock them via the Immortal Treasures. There also are new taunts for the characters, and some of those are just downright crazy. You can have your characters throwing some huge chunks of cheese around, roasting some meat, turn into a shotgun, or just jump around. Some of those look downright silly, but most of them are really fun and exciting to see. Just remember to spend sufficient time studying and living your life, or at least, get Australia assignment help before your academic performance goes downhill real quick. Some players might be concerned about the battlefield turning into a joke with everyone just throwing cheese around or just jumping over each other’s heads, but that’s what the game is, so let’s just enjoy it.

BattlePass Dota2 2020: Worth It? -

Is It Worth It?

Well, if you are a regular Dota 2 player, if you spend a lot of time playing this game if that’s what you like to do in your free time, then yes, it is totally worth buying it. The base Battle Pass is just 9.99 USD, which is not much money, and it is viable till January 1, 2021, so it is totally worth investing in. This will give you an edge in battle, make it more fun, give you tons of collectible rewards, and just improve your overall experience. If you are an occasional player and more interested in university assignment help than games, if you play Dota 2 like once a month or so, then it is not worth the fuzz. The decision is yours, so you need to evaluate your priorities and see what is more important for you at the moment – fun and games or your career, education, personal life, family, and all the boring adult stuff.