TV and Movie Slots for Your Mobile -

TV and Movie Slots for Your Mobile

Mobile gaming has become one of the most popular ways to access the more casual games. While hardened game players stick to their complex desktop rigs, if you are looking for something to do for a short period while waiting around then mobile gaming could be the answer. have a fantastic range of TV and movie-themed slots that are great for playing on the move.

Ted Slots

If you are a fan of the film franchise, then you will know all about this friendship between a rather badly behaved and foul-mouthed teddy bear and his owner, an often embarrassed middle-aged man. When the bear comes to life, the chaos regularly ensues with much cringing from the audience in a compelling way. Delivered by Blueprint Gaming this slot aimed to replicate the atmosphere of the film and pack it into an action-packed slot game that is loads of fun. The graphics are stellar and reproduce Ted correctly, and there are plenty of witty one-liners as he goes about the gaming fun. With plenty of bonus features on offer, there is a lot to do including bag you free spins courtesy of the lovable rogue. There are six modifiers in the game, and if you can get Ted to stay awake long enough, he might grant you one. Massively fun to play, if you loved the films you will love this.

Family Guy Slots

They are indeed something of an oddity, but the Family Guy franchise is massive and really popular despite their total dysfunctional behaviour, propensity for violence and the talking dog and baby best friend combo that plan to take over the world. The strange out of whack humour and bizarreness of the TV has been moved neatly over to this slot game, and there is plenty on offer with bonus features galore. If you love Peter and the chicken randomly fighting with no real purpose or concern for the storyline, then you are in luck as you will find them here, and of course, you can bag the Drunken Clam bonus. Loads to do, entirely feature packed and some of the best graphics out there, if you love the show, you are going to simply adore this game.

Ghostbusters Slot

Have you ever noticed that there is something strange in your neighbourhood? Well you won’t be alone, this planet is full of weird and wonderful things, and this Ghostbuster based slot is no exception. Of course, yelling randomly at the screen ‘who you gonna call’ is mandatory when playing this game on your mobile but don’t worry no one will notice, honest… IGT have designed this game and made it a very playable reality that you will love if the classic movie was your bag. Don’t worry everyone’s favourite annoying, talking piece of slime hangs around and by picking where you think Slimer is hiding can help you discover multiplier wins if you can blast the little ghoul with your proton cannon.