Top Five Android Games Of 2021 -

Top Five Android Games Of 2021

The demand for on-the-go and mobile gaming accessibility has leaped several bounds in recent years. This is no doubt thanks to technological advancement and the benefits of mobile gaming over traditional consoles. As a result, more games now exist on the android platform than ever before. You no longer need to buy consoles or Nintendo to enjoy a gaming session. Right in the palm of your hand, you can undertake several adventures, switch between genres and play your favorite arcades. Mobile gaming is now so engrossing that popular console-exclusive games are now releasing android editions to cater to the needs of their mobile fans.

So why has mobile gaming become huge in Slovenia? The primary reason for the acceleration of mobile gaming is its accessibility. There are more smartphone users in the world than there are console gamers. This means a larger and untapped market. Mobile gaming and sports betting are equally rewarded by bonus 22bet across 27 different categories. Also, mobile gaming does away with the need for a gaming pad and television. You don’t have to make additional purchases to enjoy your best games. 

Additionally, mobile gaming helps to foster an interactive community of game lovers. You can play online with your friends or make new connections over the internet. Multiplayer, campaign, and arcade modes make mobile games grossing and appealing to the world’s young population.

Best Android Games Of 2021

Android games are generally of two types; free and paid, with some requiring users to make in-app purchases. This article by guest post expert Tomaš Selinec reviews the top games on the Google app store, home to the best android games of 2021.

PUBG Mobile

Top Five Android Games Of 2021 -

PUBG is one of the most popular android games worldwide, grossing over 100 million downloads. It features a battle royale system where players are centered on an island to slug it out for survival. The island shrinks as the game progresses, bringing all users closer to one another and requiring them to show tactical dexterity to stay alive. PUBG has both First Person and Third Person Perspectives, allowing players to view their surroundings in 3D. The game is popular amongst android gamers due to its graphics quality, and it is free to download.

Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty has been a leader in mobile gaming even in the days of Java devices. With the advancement in augmented reality and smartphones, the game continues to revel in the hearts of shooting adventure lovers. It incorporates characters from the predecessor Black Ops and Modern Warfare editions, allowing players to team up online in five-a-sides and multiplayer modes by adding usernames. While there are many in-app purchases, the game is free to download and play on the Android app store. Call of Duty is designed by Tencent and Activision and features a great CGI.

Need For Speed: Most Wanted

The Need For Speed franchise started as PC and Console games but have made their way onto the android gaming platform thanks to smartphone technology. The game captures some of the most beautiful landscapes and cities from across the world. Players can race in a career mode, winning titles and cups to buy better vehicles. There’s also the traditional police presence, trying to bring you to book for racing on the linear tracks of the world’s biggest cities. 

The soundtrack and controls are user-interactive, transporting you from a smartphone screen to behind the wheels of some of the most beautiful automobiles known to man. The game also has internal purchases but is generally free to download for android users. You may also need to install an additional update to access the latest vehicles and competitions. 

Among Us

This game is one of the more recent additions to the android gaming franchise. Featuring a casual outlook and competitive multiplayer adventure, it has more than 100 million downloads on the app store. This strategy game requires you to combine the twin forces of teamwork and betrayal to emerge victorious. You can also play online with friends by sharing your usernames. Its animated display and free-play mode make it friendly to your smartphone’s memory and battery demands. It currently ranks as one of the more grossing games on the Google App store.

Top Five Android Games Of 2021 -

Asphalt 8

Eponymous named after the track fields, this is the eighth edition in the Asphalt mobile racing game franchise. It features the latest cars and bikes, interactive music, multiplayer, and advanced racing modes. It ranks third on the Google App store’s list of grossing racing games and has more than a hundred million downloads. Racing game lovers will enjoy this game thanks to its advanced graphics and on-screen driving controls. 

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