Marvel Games Senior Producer on Success of Marvel Games -

Marvel Games Senior Producer on Success of Marvel Games

Marvel has been in existence for 80 years now and with the Marvel Cinematic Universe kickstarting the success of the comic book company, skyrocketing their value to infinity, the company is at an all-time high. Still, even throughout the comic book golden and silver age, Marvel has had a large port folio of characters and stories that can fit in any genre whether it be games or movies.

We’ve seen numerous Marvel characters suit-up in video games before but only recently has the company founded their Marvel Games division and we’re going to be seeing a lot more from the franchise in video games from here onwards.

In a quick phone interview we’ve had the chance to chat with Danny Koo, Senior Producer for MARVEL Games as well as Joe Lee, Executive Producer for NetMarble and Kimi Xu, Senior Marketing for NetEase Games.

Here’s a some quick questions that they shared with us their take on.

B2G: What would you say is the biggest factor of success with all the new Marvel games?

Danny Koo: We always work with best in class developers coupled with the Marvel’s best in class IP. With that mindset, and with close collaboration between Marvel and each of our game partners, we are able to produce hit games. That’s always been the mission from the start. We are lucky to be able to do this over and over again and we’re looking forward to more.

B2G: On Pearl Pangan. How has the reception been from Southeast Asian fans so far?

Joe Lee: Wave already had a perfect position…because she already had close ties to some of the original Future Fight characters in the comics. It was a no-brainer to have her added to the game. When we did that, she’s not just a Filipino, she’s also a water-based, ocean character. So we wanted her to be strongly tied to Namor who is extremely popular and well known, extremely established. So we already had her as a team…not just as a solo character as one who is already tied to Namor and the other Asian characters we already have.

Danny Koo: This goes back to our content planning as well. We worked with the Marvel publishing team and we found out that Future Fight characters were going star in the  comics And as they were introducing Wave as the new Filipina Super Hero, we wanted to plan around that content.

Marvel Games Senior Producer on Success of Marvel Games -

Marvel Future Fight is a mobile game created by NetMarble and is available on mobile platform and is directly affiliated with Marvel Entertainment under Disney, available with many super heroes/villains uniform with their details. Pearl Pangan is a character in MARVEL’s Agent of Atlas series and is Filipino.

Marvel Games Senior Producer on Success of Marvel Games -

Marvel Super War is a MOBA mobile game created by NetEase Games and is also available for mobile platform and is rolling out in select regions soon.