Great Games To Play On Your Smartphone

There’s nothing like a good game to pass the time. These days, you can play plenty of entertaining games while on the move. The rules and mechanics of many mobile games are quite similar to console games; they offer an immersive, interactive experience. Chances are if you’ve got a smartphone, there’s a whole host of games you can download. However, which ones are the best? This article gives you some great games to play on your smartphone

General knowledge games

Perhaps you’d like a nice, simple game to pass the time with. Well, look no further. There are some great general knowledge games you should play.

If you love trivia, then quiz apps provide easy entertainment. Even when you don’t know all of the answers, there are usually other people in the app who can help out by giving you some clues. Not only this, but their gameplay styles are fun and effective ways to kill time.

Trivia Crack – There’s little doubt that Trivia Crack is one of the most popular trivia games available. While it may take a while to become truly competitive, it is great for learning random facts that you can use in other conversations.

Card games

Although not for everyone, card games are a very simple way to kill time. If you’re a massive fan of card games, then there are some great apps out there that can provide hours of entertainment. Each game has its own rules and strategies, so there’s something for everyone to learn. They also require some degree of skill, which means you won’t be able to complete them in just a few minutes.

Solitaire – A tried-and-tested classic, Solitaire is a great card game to download on your smartphone like Solitaire cube. For many people, a free version would suffice.

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Hearthstone – Anyone who has played a card game before will have heard of Hearthstone. Although it may not be as simple as Solitaire, this game provides an easy-to-learn interface for gamers and non-gamers alike.

Casino games

If you think card games are no fun, then perhaps you’re interested in some casino games on your mobile. These games are great for when you’re bored. Similar to card games, they require some degree of skill, which ensures that they are not too easy.

The same rules that apply to the real thing apply here, but you don’t need chips (or cash) on hand. As ever, not all games are for everyone, so take your pick of the type of game you’d like to play.

Check out this site for some of the best online casino games out there!

Word games 

If you enjoy word games, then there are plenty of games available, too. Whether you’re a fan of crosswords or anagrams, there are plenty of apps to choose from that let you play on your smartphone. Again, these can be competitive – so, if you want a quick-play game, these aren’t for you.

Words with Friends – Words with Friends is one of the most popular word games available on smartphones. It isn’t just a matter of spelling either; there are some challenging gameplay aspects to master, too.