Games for your Smartphone that You Should Try -

Games for your Smartphone that You Should Try

Video games are gaining more and more ground. If at first games for phones represented adaptations of popular PC variants, the increasingly advanced capabilities of smartphones make these gadgets the ideal gaming environments. Below you can see a review of the most popular games for your mobile phone.

Warhammer 40.000: Freeblade

Another title that looks fantastic and puts you in charge of an Imperial Knight, that is a humanoid robot with dozens of weapons, put to death. The robot model looks great and you can customize it to your liking. And the levels you walk around to look good and match the Warhammer universe.

PUBG Mobile

Games for your Smartphone that You Should Try -

We could not have a top with smart games without including PUBG. The game appeared on PC and then transitioned to other platforms, including smartphones, but without reducing the quality of the graphics too much. If you haven’t tried a battle royale yet, you can start with PUBG Mobile.

Shadowgun Legends

If you wanted an FPS with good graphics for your smartphone then you can stop looking because Shadowgun Legends is what you want. The weapons are detailed and look good, as well as the environment where you shoot enemies and you can customize your avatar with all kinds of weapons.

Darkness Rises

A game with good graphics that should meet your hack & slash/RPG needs. The game is beautiful, the special effects are spectacular and you don’t have many UI elements that lock your screen unnecessarily.

Casino online games

From year to year, the casino industry comes with all sorts of fascinating slots. There are games with various themes, stories or inspired by movies, TV series or famous books. In principle, there is a good chance that you will quickly find a casino slot that suits your taste. For example, 88 Fortunes Megaways is a game that will bring a smile on your lips. It is a nice casino slot with interesting graphics elements, high-quality sounds and will make you relax as you explore the gameplay.

Returner 77

This is a puzzle game with unusually beautiful graphics. Usually, such games do not excel at this chapter, but it is not the case with Returner 77. Here you enter the skin of one of the last survivors on Earth, following an alien invasion and your mission is to solve puzzles to discover mysteries. And you do all this in a game with realistic graphics, close to what you find on a PC.

Angry Birds

Games for your Smartphone that You Should Try -

It can’t be written an article with popular games for phones without mentioning Angry Birds, probably the first big hit game for iPhone and Android. With simple and intuitive graphics, the game throws you into a world where you must kill pigs with the help of birds catapulted with a slingshot. Of course, as you reach the upper levels you will encounter various birds and obstacles, and if you get bored, you can try the many other games in the Angry Birds series, of which we only mention Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Star Wars or Angry Birds Friends.

Cut the Rope – Time Travel

As common as it sounds to cut a rope, just as popular has been Cut the Rope. In this version of the game you travel back in time in the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Stone Age and you are pirated on a ship, but your goal remains the same: to feed two monsters with sweets.

Fast & Furious 6: The Game

It’s no surprise that a car game ranks among the most popular games, and the Fast & Furious game has earned a good deal of its reputation due to the movie series of the same name. The action takes place on the streets of London, where you have the mission to gain reputation in various races, but also to end the domination of a criminal organization made up of well-trained mercenaries. As you progress into the “career” you unlock more and more powerful cars to reach the stage of being faster.


These are just a few of the Android games that have good graphics, but you can start with these and discover others later. If you have an iPhone, find out that many of these games are also available on iOS.