Best Free Mobile Games of 2020 So Far -

Best Free Mobile Games of 2020 So Far

When it comes to free mobile games there are often catches attached, with either endless adverts to endure or pesky paid extras as the only way for you to advance.

However, dig deep enough in app stores and online and there are some real gems to get your gaming mitts on.

Here are some of the best free mobile games that 2020 has offered up so far.

Best Free Mobile Games of 2020 So Far -

Alto’s Odyssey

In our humble opinion there are too many games these days that can cause something akin to travel sickness, such is the amount of graphic wizardry taking place on the screen.

For those who want to chill out and let a game wash over them, for free, Alto’s Odyssey is a great place to start.

Loosely inspired by snowboarding, your mini avatar traverses beautiful landscapes, leaping and flipping over huge gaps and features, collecting coins on the way. Few other games can give a player this feel of effortless flow, although there are some which currently fit the bill, like the ones found on oddschecker, offering free spins to boot.

Best Free Mobile Games of 2020 So Far -
All these games are perfect for a commute or break time

Asphalt 9: Legends

At this point, the Asphalt franchise is something of a modern day classic and Asphalt 9: Legends is the latest incarnation, bringing high speed racing action and stunning graphics straight to your mobile or Nintendo Switch.

The price of this being a free game is that over time, you are badgered to spend real money on new levels and features, but thankfully the game is so enjoyable that you can easily ignore such distractions and carry on racing.

Call of Duty: Mobile

When it was released back in October 2019 many fans of COD worried that it would water down their beloved game and leave players underwhelmed.

How wrong those people were, with the mobile version being beautifully devoid of the need to make in-game purchases and many of the game’s initial bugs having been wonderfully ironed out. For battle royale action this really is one game that is hard to beat, and it’s free!

Rebel Inc

If strategy games are your cup of tea, then Rebel Inc is something you will truly enjoy. You are put in charge of territory thrown into anarchy and chaos, which can only be overcome by your willpower and gaming skill.

As the levels progress things get really challenging, meaning you will never get bored of being a rebel.