The Hardest Android Games

If you want to relax, you can play one of the best UK online slots. But what if you want to broaden your mind? In this case, these Android games are your first choice. 

Monument Valley

In Monument Valley, you have to operate with architecture. And all the game’s tasks are based on the geometry of levels, searching for hidden paths, and solving optical illusions. Many levels are based on the works of famous artists, which add more charm to the game. In general the visual component is the strong point of the project. There is something warm, airy and a little surreal in the graphics. But all this is no more than an addition. Interesting puzzles are still in the first place.


Machinarium is an offline quest by the Czech studio Amanita Design. It is ready to offer the player an unusual visual style and a cute story about robots that communicate with clouds of thoughts instead of words. The usual point and click gameplay is diluted here with a non-standard feature: the character can only interact with objects that he can reach. At the same time the body of the hero can stretch and shrink, this feature is based on a good part of the puzzles. Machinarium is recommended for those who enjoy logic games for Android. You can fall in love with this game and replay it dozens of times.

Cube Escape

Cube Escape is an entertaining free puzzle game. More precisely, even a whole series of 10 games united by a single storyline. Dale Vandermeer is a famous detective, investigating another mysterious murder. Traces lead him to Rusty Lake, which will be the starting point for wandering through the wilds of his own past and meeting with an enemy who loves deadly games. 

The gameplay can be characterized as a typical room escape, where the player needs to figure out how to get from one location to another and progress through the story. Tasks in Cube Escape are not easy.