How to Make an Android Mobile Game?

If you are looking to step into the gaming industry, this guide will brief you about what it takes for Android game development. You can find more about Android app development services by visiting our website. 

How to Make an Android Mobile Game? -

Popular Android Games

The gaming industry is, without a doubt, one of the most used mobile technology in the world. Regardless of whether you’re mindful of the mobile game development company, Halfbrick Studios or not, their mobile games have a humongous fan chasing after them. Accordingly, this gigantic reach and consideration open up plenty of chances inside the mobile gaming environment. 

How to Make an Android Mobile Game? -

The most popular development companies for top gaming apps for Android phones include: include:

  • Nintendo Games
  • Noodlecake Studios
  • Wizards Unite
  • RayarkRythm Games, etc.

Step 1: Idea & Monetization

Before finding how to make Android game, we should discuss its revenue generation, or most commonly known as monetization. You ought to consider how you need to monetize your game before you begin with the development stage.

Like other businesses, gaming businesses ought to have a functioning plan of action. It implies that the income created from a game ought to be higher than its expenses. You can sell your game with all the available features as a paid app. Or then again, you can allow it to clients for free and set up in-app purchases.

The in-app promotion works best, assuming you can draw more audience to your application. You are not required to deal with it yourself. You just let promotion companies show their advertisements in your game. The income from this strategy depends upon the views, cost for PPC or PPV, and clicks on the ads.

Step 2: Plan 

Firstly, the most common way of the game development process is to sort out your gaming flavor. You better approach specific choices, and one of those is observing the gaming taste. Whenever you’re done with the gaming preference, penetrate it down to the details of the game. You can’t simply foster a racing game, then abruptly go for a puzzle game. The big gaming organizations first started with small games in a single class.

You should design your game in everything about it; how to build mobile app(s), its type, art style, number of characters, and so on. You should think about whether it is a 2D game or a 3D one and what number of characters would be involved in the game? Are there in-app purchases included? Multi-player? Web connections? As you go through these things in your mind, you’ll begin to assemble the app in your head and give yourself an early advantage on defeating any expected difficulties or entanglements.

Step 3: Tools & Language(s)

The gaming industry has three of the most famous and advanced game development tools available in the market, i.e., Unity game development for Android, Unreal Engine, and GameSalad. You ought to conclude which one is the best one for your game. Your game development experience and genius can likewise affect your choice on picking the development tool. Most of the top web designers, for the most part, use Unity or Unreal Engine. However, GameSalad is better for game developers, as it is simplified and doesn’t require sharp coding proficiency.

After you are done with your choice of tool, your mobile game development suddenly spikes in demand for codes. A large portion of the Unity game designers uses C++. C++ can be a decent selection for you if you are beginning as an amateur.

Step 4: Hire a Freelancer or Outsourcing Company?

The subsequent stage is sorting out who will be liable for transforming your model into an actual game. You might have the option to make mobile apps yourself (even without related knowledge), given they’re sufficiently basic.

If you want a state-of-the-art innovation in your app that uniquely utilizes the device, then, at that point, building it yourself may be troublesome. It can require long stretches of knowledge to use all of the power a mobile game brings to the table. So you need to hire a freelance game developer or hire an outsourcer to get your job done. Doing so will preserve the uniqueness and authenticity of your work. Assuming you have some programming knowledge, you can make the job easy for your developer.

Step 5: Start Development

The majority of us, before starting any project, either have no preparation or many unneeded arrangements. Each developer falls in one of the above two categories. 

Even though it is good to plan for your new game, but you should know when to quit planning and begin developing your project. Starting with the fundamental mechanics, you can get a push start in your project. You can push ahead to the following more intricate levels by beginning your project in such away.

Step 6: QA & Optimization 

Developing a game is something and making it great for players is something else altogether. If you are making your playable demo, you ought to lift it for a superior experience to its users. Check the game controls and decide accordingly from the players’ side of view. It should be kept in mind that the game doesn’t pixelate or use much memory and power. Make the game interesting for players with several captivating music, audio, and graphic effects.

Step 7: Release

Try not to stop the optimization of your Android game development software, since there is always an opportunity to get better. Release the game, and you can improve it further after people download it from time to time.

You can deliver your game in Google Play Store or such web application stores, compatible with Android, and should make promoting material for the selected platform. Hire a freelance graphics designer for making the game logo and compose a fascinating depiction, and upload in-game screenshots with it.


In this article, we attempted to clarify what an Android game development company needs for game development and improvement. There could be much more to expound and search before you start developing an Android game. We would be pleased to hear your remarks regarding game development.

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