Chromeleon (Android) - chromeleon

Chromeleon (Android)

Chromeleon (Android) - chromeleonDigikatt Studios, a team of young and innovative developers from the Philippines, are proud to introduce their first game, Chromeleon. It’s a side scrolling game that aims to test and improve your hand – eye coordination with the pace getting faster as the chameleon rolls on. We would like to thank the Digikatt Studios team for allowing us full access to the app for this review.

App Requirements

Chromeleon is currently available on Android with the iOS port to follow soon.

Google Play

  • Android 4.1 and up


Chromeleon (Android) - chromeleon

Chromeleon is a game wherein you play as the titular rolling chameleon through a multi colored path. Each time the path color changes, the chameleon’s color needs to match the path. Sounds simple right? Let’s take a closer look on the game itself.


Simplicity is the first word that comes into mind when describing the user interface for Chromeleon. Starting a game is a breeze as you just need to tap anywhere on the screen to get the chameleon rolling. It does not get any straightforward and easy as that.

Chromeleon (Android) - chromeleonIn the main screen, two buttons are present for the leaderboards and achievements. These two forms are connected to your Google Play Account you are using prior to getting to the main menu.

Chromeleon (Android) - chromeleonWhen you tap anywhere on the main screen, 5 buttons with different colors will appear on the bottom part of the screen as the chameleon will start rolling. Pressing these buttons will change the chameleon’s colors based on the button’s color. These colors will also be present on the path the chameleon takes. Each color match will add your point total by 1. The 5 colors are easy to differentiate from each other, although i sometimes mistake green for yellow when the pace gets faster. Good spacing of the buttons means that I don’t mistakenly press the wrong button when needed to slide to the next button.

Pausing the game allows you to control the background music and sound effects on the upper right section. You will have the option to mute or unmute only.

Chromeleon (Android) - chromeleonYou lose the game when the current color of the chameleon does not match the color of the path. On your first death, you have an option to continue your progress after watching a 30 second ad or give up entirely. Watching the ad will resume your game and your score after a 5 second countdown.

Chromeleon (Android) - chromeleonYour final score will be included in the leaderboard, which is a good incentive for the player to improve on his/her hand eye coordination.


Overall, Chromeleon is great game that can be enjoyed by young and old people alike. Its relatively simple user interface and straightforward gameplay makes it easy for kids to quickly get a hang of it. The game is also a good tool to teach young ones on improving their hand – eye coordination while not being slow enough that mature players get bored of it easily. It’s gradually increasing pace provides a good challenge for all kinds of users. I often find myself playing this game during my spare time and will recommend this game to others as well. We give Chromeleon the B2G Recommended Seal!

Chromeleon (Android) - chromeleon