All You Need to Know About the HAGO Social Gaming App -

All You Need to Know About the HAGO Social Gaming App

Using smartphones to perform everyday tasks has become a common occurrence. Nowadays, you can pay your bills, find the best travel routes, and even do some online shopping without changing your daily routine whatsoever.

However, the best part about smartphones is the fact that every possible game is suddenly available to you at all times. From online casino games to the most popular multiplayer games, you can play anything if you have an up-to-date mobile device.

Social gaming apps have been on the rise in recent years, with players from all around the world looking for the best apps to download. The HAGO app has been around for about a year now, but it started gaining popularity in the past few months. Do you want to know why?

HAGO – What Does It Have To Offer?

HAGO, which stands for Have A Good One, is a Chinese social gaming app that has been hiding in the shadows since it hit the market. However, in the past three months, more and more people around the world became aware of it.

In July of this year, HAGO became the sixth most downloaded app in the world, with more than 12 million downloads in the past three months. Most of the players that use the app are from India and Indonesia, as the app is available in English and Hindi.

The app grants you access to more than 80 mini-games that you can play alone or be matched with a stranger, thus allowing you to meet new friends. In addition to that, you will have the chance to enjoy some entertaining games, host voice-parties and talk to your fellow players, and earn lucrative rewards.

The average player spends almost an hour playing the game every day, which is not something that happens every day. Most players are being compelled to play for a long while by the appearance of various incentives.

Those include game invites from other players, app suggestions, private messages, live chats, and more. Every time a player enters the app, 500 coins are added to the player’s account, which can be used to purchase various gifts – another thing that catches the attention of the players.

The HAGO app presents you with a unique combination of social and gaming platforms, which is something that hasn’t been done too often before. The app automatically draws you in with a colourful design and the entertaining games, which allow you to earn prizes and additional coins as you go.

Unsurprisingly, the app got a rate of 4.4/5 on Google Play, and users leave positive reviews as more and more players download the app. Are you planning on joining the HAGO community as well?

In Conclusion

There are hundreds upon hundreds of mobile gaming apps available for download on all mobile devices, but none of those gaming apps are anything like the HAGO app.

An app that was fairly unknown until recently, HAGO managed to capture the attention of the masses in various countries thanks to the special selection of entertainment options it provides. The app still has a long way to go to become a worldwide phenomenon, but it does have the potential to turn into something special.

If you are looking for a gaming app that will allow you to enjoy some fun games and meet other gamblers in your vicinity, give this app a chance!