8 Reasons Why Tabs Are Great For Gaming -

8 Reasons Why Tabs Are Great For Gaming

Nintendo, Xbox, PS4 – you really can’t beat these when it comes to buying a gaming device. But here’s an option you probably didn’t consider. Tablets.

In the “gamers’ hierarchy”, the most dedicated gamers own gaming consoles. Those who cannot afford them go for PC games. These were the most preferred gaming devices until Android started developing feature games like PUBG. This game is enjoyed by kids and adults around the globe on their smartphones. But here are a few reasons why you should consider playing games (including PUBG) on a tab:

1.    Large displays

You can get tablets with very large screens that are bigger than most laptops. If you cannot continuously keep holding them, they are probably not fit for gaming. But you get the idea.

In a tab, you get a large screen with high resolution. It is like playing on a smartphone but with a larger display and better graphics. Who wouldn’t you want that? The iPad Pro, for instance, has a more vibrant display compared to the iPhone X. So, while many activities might seem easier on the phone, gaming is more enjoyable on an iPad.

2.    Plenty of options

There are several screen sizes, CPU strength, and brands to choose from. You can go for small and powerful pieces like iPad Mini or larger options like iPad Pro – whichever suits your needs and fits your hands. With the current growth, you can also expect to get more power within the same price in the near future.

A lot of tablets these days come with detachable keyboards. The Samsung Galaxy tabs come with a stylus. You can get a stylus to use with iPads as well. There are several games that are designed to be played using a stylus. Even something as basic as Fruit Ninja can be more fun with a stylus.

3.    Change the screen orientation

This is something you cannot do on a computer. There are a lot of phone-compatible games that can be played in both landscape and portrait mode. A laptop or PC does not give you the option to change your screen orientation, but your tablet does. This also means a larger number of games are more suitable for tablets than a computer.

4.    Game support

If you thought you could only play phone games on your tab, think again. Tablets are not just powered by Android (although that’s the most common type). Typical PC games are often created with Windows and Mac OS in mind. Windows tabs support almost all PC games and can be a great alternative to Android. Games supported in Mac OS are also supported by iPad OS.

Computers, on the other hand, do not support Android games or have PC versions that you could play.

5.    They are affordable

Even though some high-end tablets are expensive (iPads, for example), they cost much less than gaming consoles and computers. Since you will get more use out of a tablet, it may even be a better investment overall.

You can get a regular tab for as low as $50, although they are not ideal for gaming. However, the price range is broad. So you can easily decide how much you want to spend, depending on what features you want in the device. You can go for the bare minimum or a bit more high tech for powerful games.

6.    They are portable

Tablets are much lighter and slimmer than laptops. You can carry them everywhere. Though you can carry your laptop too, you will need to set it up somewhere first. With a tablet, you can be on a bus, on a couch, lying, sitting, or even standing and enjoy playtime.

7.    Motion sensors

Another thing you cannot enjoy on a PC is motion sensors that tablets and smartphones have. Plenty of new-age games are designed with things like motion sensors, VR compatibility, etc. in mind. If you have ever enjoyed a game of Asphalt 9: Legends on your phone, you should try playing it on a tab. It is much more fun!

8.    Battery life

Compared to typical laptops, tablets often have better battery life. Battery life in a tab is more optimized. You can also use several apps like Gaming Mode and Game Booster to improve your battery life during gaming. Apple, Lenovo, and Samsung have some great models with large batteries. The Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro comes with a massive 10,200 mAh battery. This one also has a good processor and RAM and is a great choice for gaming.

How to choose one

Just like any other device, some tablets are more suited to gaming than others. There are several features you need to check before you buy one. Here is a brief list of what you should look for in a good gaming tablet:

  • At least 4 GB RAM (the higher the better)
  • A quad-core processor (octa-core even better)
  • CPU clock speed of 2 GHz or above
  • Minimum resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels for a 10-inch screen
  • At least 5000 mAh battery capacity (also, the higher the better)

You can play many games on devices with lower specifications but these are the minimum requirements for a decent gaming experience. You can trust devices like iPad, Samsung Galaxy tabs, Lenovo, or Microsoft Surface tabs to give you decent performance for any kind of game.

Final thoughts

PC games are becoming rather outdated. Some of the best Android games are already more advanced than we would have imagined. So, you may soon find yourself spending more time gaming on a tab than a laptop.

Let’s not forget that tablets have a variety of uses, and gaming is just one of them. The tablet industry has done a great job of improving both hardware and software in the past few years. These devices are becoming more powerful and gaining popularity in the process.

So if you were thinking of getting a tab but couldn’t decide if it was worth it, we hope this article changed your mind!