Cordya TB-1

Cordya TB-1 Digital Channel Box Review

Digital TV Receivers is now becoming the thing nowadays and ABS-CBN was the first one to offer a digital signal receiver for TV in the form of ABS-CBN TV Plus Black Box with casual consumers who doesn’t have the luxury to subscribe to cable providers in mind. Unfortunately, the first SRP of the said black box was way too expensive for some thus causing them to still opt to the conventional super baron antenna that definitely cost less, fortunately we have the Cordya TB-1. Is it a good alternative? Read on!

ABS-CBN cuts PHP500 off the original SRP of their Black Box to make it more affordable for the people.

Fortunately, one of the cheap alternatives that you can get, if you find the latest SRP of the black box still expensive, is the Cordya TB-1 Digital Channel Box from LuckyHR.

Cordya TB-1


Tuner & Channel Decoder

  • Input Connector Antenna
    • IEC 169-2 Female
  • Output Connector – RF Loop Out
    • IEC 162-2 Male
  • Frequency Range
    • 174MHz – 230 MHz
    • 474MHz – 868MHz
  • Input Impedance
    • 75Ω
  • IF bandwidth
    • 7 and 8MHz (Switchable)
  • Code Rate
    • 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8
  • Guard Interval
    • 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32

MPEG Transport Stream

Video Decoding

  • Profile Level
  • Input Rate
    • 80 Mbps
  • Aspect Ratio
    • 4:3
    • Letter Box
    • 16:9
    • Pan & Scan
  • Video Resolution
    • 1080i
    • 1080p (60Hz)
    • 720p (60Hz)
    • 480p
    • 480i

Audio Decoding

  • Standard
    • MPEG Layer 12S S/PDIF
  • Channels
    • Single
    • Dual Mono
    • Stereo
    • Joint Stereo
    • Dolby Digital bit-streams

Main System

  • Processor
    • MSD7805
  • Memory
    • 4Mb Flash
    • 128Mb SDRAM

Input/Output Ports

  • HDMI (1.2 HDCP)
  • yPbPt (CVS, RGB)
  • Coaxial (Digital Audio)
  • USB (2.0)


  • 100 – 240V AC
  • <15W Max
  • Fuse
  • Switch-Mode


Unboxing of Cordya TB-1

Cordya TB-1The box is plainly outright and simple. It boasts the support of 1080 Full HD and some more features. Exactly the same design can be seen behind the box.



The Cordya TB-1 comes with one remote control, Audio Video Cables, Manual, Product Warranty Card, and an antenna that is long enough to place it outside your windows. The antenna is also magnetic so you easily leave it on metalic places for better signal reception.



Pulling the Cordya Channel Box out of its box, the design and look is quite simple. It’s made of metal and plastic. It has a digital clock on the front panel that also shows the current channel you are watching and it is also an indicator of what the box is doing. The front panel also features one USB 2.0. This allows you to record your favorite TV shows, play movies, view pictures or play music from either a USB Flash Drive or an external HDD.

The front panel also features 3 buttons. The two buttons are for changing the channel and third is the power button.



Looking at the back of the Cordya TB-1, it features two antenna ports (one for input and one for output), one digital audio coaxial output, one HDMI port output, and the conventional Audio/Video output. Having an HDMI output makes this a lovable channel box since the ABS-CBN black box doesn’t have one at all and we prefer to use HDMI for HD outputs.

So rather than using the antenna that came with the Cordya TB-1, we opted to use the antenna that was already available for use. It works like magic.



On its first boot up, you will have to setup some configuration first like the country and TV format. We went on ahead and set it to Philippines. We also performed an automatic channel search.

So after letting it search for channels, the Cordya TB-1 were able to detect the following channels:

  1. GMA
  2. GNTV
  3. GMA1SEG
  4. BEAM TV
  5. O Shopping
  6. TV Shop
  7. TBN Asia
  8. Shop Japan
  9. UNTV – 1
  10. UNTV – 2
  11. ADDTV
  12. ABS-CBN
  13. Sports+Action
  14. CINEMO!
  15. YEY!
  16. Knowledge Channel
  17. DZMM Teleradyo
  18. KBO
  19. Hope Phil HD
  20. 3ABN
  21. Hope Intl
  22. TV5
  23. Aksyon TV
  24. CATSUP

Unfortunately, the channels CINEMO!, YEY!, Knowledge Channel, DZMM Teleradyo, and KBO are encrypted since they are exclusive channels for the ABS-CBN TV Plus Black Box.

Is It Worth It?

The Cordya TB-1 as a digital channel box is a very good alternative if you are saving some money. What makes it better is that it really does provide clear viewing of local channels while offering additional features like recording TV shows and play movies on your external HDD or from USB Flash Drives. Added to that, it has an HDMI output that the black box of ABS-CBN does not have. It also doesn’t show any interference from signal unlike when you are watching TV from an analog signal antenna receiver. The images are clear and crisp.

The downside though is that you lose some channel that the conventional analog antenna can detect like ETC, etc… but how we see it, the future will soon be digital so it’s just a matter of time where more digital broadcast channels will be available locally.

The Cordya TB-1 Home Entertainment Channel Box is available at the Lazada shopping market and they are being sold by LuckyHR so you don’t have to worry about it being a rip-off product. It’s legit and genuine. As of March 15, 2016, you can purchase this from Lazada for PHP 1,379 which makes it more appealing, affordable, and value for your money. Sadly, I bought this for PHP1,500+ which is a bummer but hey, it’s still cheaper than any other digital channel box.

One thing that people should keep in mind though that the Cordya TB-1 uses 2 PRONG Euro Male Plug.


So you might need an adaptor for this if your house does not support this kind of male plug.

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  1. I was able to purchase this the other day P1,379 (less P150 via voucher) = P1,229, hehehe.

    Got the unit today and played around with it, only got the following channels:
    ABS-CBN Sports+Action
    GMA 7
    GMA News TV
    GMA1SEG – Like a low res version of GMA7
    Cinemo! (Scrambled)
    Yey! (Scrambled)
    Knowledge Channel (Scrambled)
    DZMM Teleradyo (Scrambled)
    KBO (Scrambled)

    Although the room I tried it in is in the middle of the house. I’ll try it in a room closer to a window and maybe I’ll get more channels.

    As for the picture, I can definitely see the crispness of the signal vs that of the regular TV feed using the SkyCable Digibox feed for ABS-CBN Sports+Action.

    I like that it also serves as a media player, and was even able to play some h.265 files (not all though).

    For the price, I’m seriously considering replacing one of our digiboxes with this.

    1. I have a busted remote control of this cordya.. can i have a replacement? Where can i order? Please respond guys.. tnx

  2. it’s a very good product even if we still don’t have digital signal in zamboanga city but it act as a signal booster and worked like magic until the remote control did not function and there are no control buttons on the setup box itself. Is there a replacement remote control or an alternative solution to my concern?

  3. I need help. My location is in pusok, lapu-lapu city, cebu. The box only has abs-cbn, studio 23 channel and other srumbled channel. No gma, tv 5, etc.. Ano po kailangan gawin para masagap ng box yung ibang channel. Baka isauli ko to if 2 channels lng makukuha. Binili ko pala to sa lazada aug 6.

  4. Bakit 2 lang channel sakin.. Tsk.nakakadismaya..panu kya gawin dto. 🙁 abs cbn and sports and action lang.

    1. Hi Scarlette, Digital Signal depends on your location but you could try to use a different antenna. Do you have by chance a baron antenna or super antenna installed? Try to use that instead and try to search again.

  5. sakin din 2 channel lang ang nasagap and nung unang search ko napanood ko yung cinemo pero pag on ko ulit naka scrambled na. . pano pag nireturn ko to sa lazada? pano yung binayad ko?

    1. Hi Wella, I suggest to make sure that the antenna is outside and not indoors. Also, the higher the location of the antenna, the better.

      If you do ever return it to LAZADA, you will be refunded but via voucher with the same ammount. So you will be spending the same money on LAZADA only and you will not receive the physical money.

  6. Bad trip dalawang channel lang nakukuha. Mas madami pang channel yung antenna kong bulok. Eto abs cbn at abs sports channel lang nakukuha eh samantalang napakalakas ng signal dito sa baguio. sinubukan ko gamitan ng baron antenna, mas lalo walang ma search na channel! Kakukuha ko lang ngayon nov. 19. Kung alam ko lang na ganun eh d baron antenna na lang kinuha ko o kya yung abs cbn tv box na lang.

  7. san po kaya pwede makabili ng remote nito. nasira yung remote namin. sadly walang remote lang na mabibili sa lazada… please help. thanks

  8. I got my Cordya TV box, it has been installed correctly. Bakit walang GMA7??? AbsCbn lang and Sports+Action. Ok lang sa akin walang abs, etc. Basta May GMA7. Ano gagawin ko???? from Bulacan

  9. Nakabili din ako ng Cordya tv box abs cbnat sports action lang the rest nka lock na. para saakin sayang lang ang pera ko sana tv plus nlang din binili ko. very disappointed

  10. san po kaya pwede makabili ng remote?nasira remote ng akin or baka meron kayong alam na alternative…salamat mga Lodi

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