Seasonic Platinum-1000 1000w Power Supply Review

The PC enthusiast market has always been an exciting market to observe. It may not be as intriguing as the ongoing war between processor makers or the VGA market but the race to create the most efficient PSU is an ongoing arms race any and all PC owner will benefit from.


When the 80Plus standard was proposed, it ushered in an era of advancements in power supply efficiency for desktops. The very first manufacturer to develop a market-ready 80Plus-certified power supply was Seasonic. That was back in 2005, fast-forward years into the future and the company has established itself as one of the most dominant brands in PSUs, retailing self-branded products as well as providing platforms for other companies. In 2011, Seasonic released its first 80Plus Platinum-rated PSU and today we will be seeing for ourselves what all the fanfare was about when the highly-acclaimed Seasonic Platinum-1000 80Plus Platinum PSU was released.

The 80 PLUS Certification

80 PLUS is a certification program intended to promote energy efficiency in computer power supplies. The certification requires a product to have more than 80% efficiency in 20%, 50%, and 100% of the rated load. This guarantees that any certified product will only expend 20% of power consumed as heat at the specified load levels which leads to reduced electrical consumption and thus result in savings compared to less-efficient PSUs.

80 PLUS Certification
80 PLUS Certification Icons found on certified products

Note: The 80 PLUS certification is voluntary and a company MAY CHOOSE NOT TO undergo certification even if their product meets 80% +/- efficiency.

Seasonic (Sea Sonic Electronics Co., Ltd.)

Seasonic started out as an OEM PSU, creating platforms strictly for other companies. Earlier in the 21st century, Seasonic opened itself to retail and created self-branded PSUs for the consumer market. All of Seasonic’s PSUs are 80PLUS certified.

The Seasonic Platinum Series

Seasonic segments its product line via efficiency designation with the high-end of their portfolio highlighted by the Seasonic P and Seasonic X series of PSUs, rated for 80 PLUS Platinum and Gold, respectively. As the name implies, products under the Platinum series bear efficiency ratings that meet the said standard which is 90%, 92%, 89% at 20%, 50%, 100% loading.

Our subject for review today was the first ever Platinum-rated PSU from Seasonic and is the second highest-rated Platinum model in their catalog with the newly released P1200 taking over the top end as the flagship model.

View the official Seasonic SS-1000XP 80 PLUS validation report