XTREME MF-5500S 55″ IPS HDR 4K Smart TV Review

We do get requests for large screens oftentimes and its manageable to do reviews but only recently did we get asked by Xtreme to review their 55″ Smart TV. Now normally I’d pass but this monitor is billed as an IPS panel and as much as I’d like to tear down this TV, to see what panel it’s using given that this TV has an MSRP of Php26,995. That’s usually the going price of 42-49″ 4K TVs but with Xtreme, we get a 4K HDR Smart TV with an IPS panel. Sounds like a good deal? Let’s take a closer look at the Xtreme MF-55000S 55″ Smart TV, part of Xtreme MF series of smart televisions ranging from 32″ to 65″.

Check out the video above for the full review. More details below.

XTREME MF-5500S 55" IPS HDR 4K Smart TV Review -

Overall, the TV offers great value and amongst the different sizes the 55″ model is definitely the best bang for the buck. Colors are decent out of the box and from a good viewing distance, the Xtreme MF-5500S really flexes those deep blacks. Xtreme doesn’t list the official HDR rating of this monitor but we’ll peg it somewhere past HDR400 as there’s decent contrast on supported content but whites are not as bright as they can be like that on HDR1000 panels. As we mentioned, blacks are deep but if you’ve ever seeen VA panels, you’ll probably be a little more bias towards VA but overall, the colors are punchy and very decent especially for viewing various content varying from streaming videos to gaming on consoles.

As a 55″ screen, we highly recommend proper distance from the screen to fully enjoy your viewing experience. Sound performance is excellent on the built-in speaker on the  MF-5500S by Xtreme and is easily a perfect listening solution versus getting a home theatre setup but you can still connect to a surround system if you want to. Speaking of connection, this TV supports wired and wireless connection. This is where it starts to get a little rocky for the Xtreme MF Smart TVs.

XTREME MF-5500S 55" IPS HDR 4K Smart TV Review -

First, the MF-5500S did not detect our network DLNA server which houses my home video archive from our NAS. It might take a while but if you have a media server and are able to successfully  have it picked up by the MF Series Smart TVs, let me know down in the comments. Next issue is the selection of apps in the built-in app store is very limited and unfamiliar. While some of the brands may standout, the Filipino’s Western bias will prefer instant access to, other than Youtube and Netflix, NBA, WWE Network, Amazon, amongst others. As an online service, we expect these apps to increase in numbers over time but as they are right now, the selection is quite limited.

XTREME MF-5500S 55" IPS HDR 4K Smart TV Review -

Overall, its hard to beat the value offering of this TV. Just for the screen size and screen quality alone, Php26,995 is a steal for a 55″ and adding the great audio performance, excellent viewing angles amongst others make the Xtreme MF-5500S and easy choice for someone who wants a connected TV but value screen quality first.

For gamers who want a primary console display as well as a main living room TV but don’t want to spend upwards of Php30k for a 42″ screen, this is definitely the easiest choice. Xtreme backs the MF-series Smart TVs with 1-year for parts/service  and a 2 years service warranty for your peace of mind. Do check with your local dealer for their coverage.

XTREME MF-5500S 55" IPS HDR 4K Smart TV Review -
XTREME MF-5500S 55″ IPS HDR 4K Smart TV Review
Final Thoughts
Excellent display quality and value for that alone as well as the size makes this an easy recommendation. The MF-5500S is a great choice as a living room hub for the family or just the gamer looking for a large display experience but don't want to go all out.
Build Quality
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Great display quality
HDR Support
Wired and wireless connectivity
Very good audio quality
Great value overall
Free wall support bracket
Lack of documentation
Scary stand installation