TteSPORTS DASHER Extended Gaming Mousepad Review

Price / Where to Buy:

US –  US$379 – TteSPORTS DASHER Extended
PH – Php1650

20160612_164423 The mousepad has a printed big TeSPORTS logo on the lower left corner, while a printed “TteSPORTS by Thermaltake” logo is on the upper right accompanied by the “DASHER” logo on the lower right corner of the mousepad.[/caption]


Design 1
Tt eSPORTS logo on the lower left side of the mousepad.

Design 2

TteSPORTS logo on the upper right side of the mousepad.

Logo 1

DASHER logo printed on the lower right side of the mousepad.
Size comparison with an Alienware M18-X

All in all for design, the mousepad looks good and simplistic. It doesn’t show much, though for one that would prefer a not-so-flashy design, the TteSPORTS DASHER is perfect. Once again take note, the logos are printed, not braided nor weaved on the surface of the mousepad.


The weaving of the mousepad is great. No unwanted trails founded whatsoever. I’d expect this coming from the brand and especially for the price. By looking around the mousepad, I’ve noticed that the weaving is very good and the entire feel of it is just great. It doesn’t feel cheap, and it doesn’t feel as if the weaving on the sides will just randomly fall off in the future.

Weaving 2

Weaving 1
Weaving of the TteSPORTS DASHER Extended.

Weaving 3


The material of the fabric of the mousepad isn’t stated whatsoever in the box nor website of the mousepad. It is only described by Thermaltake as a “Semi-Coarse Textured Weave Surface”. Not sure by what that means, but judging from the overall feel of the mousepad, the fabric is good.

It doesn’t feel cheap whatsover, and that’s a good thing. From numerous hours of using the mousepad, I can say that even though there are better textures of certain mousepads out there such as the Tecware Haste that has a better feel, the TteSPORTS dasher is somewhat better compared to Razer’s Goliathus Extended Control Edition.

Fabric 2

Fabric 1
Close up view of the fabric of the mousepad.


A standard for testing mousepads, the water resistance of the TteSPORTS DASHER is actually very good, considering that TteSPORTS never mentioned the mousepad aswater resistant nor even water proof. So this is a big plus for them.

It took the water quite some time before it finally gets absorbed by the mousepad, but judging from the duration of it staying on top of the mousepad, you definitely have time to wipe the water off.

Waterproof 1

Waterproof 2
TteSPORTS DASHER Extended’s water resistance.


Common for gaming mousepads, a rubber grip is used to ensure a good grip between the table and the mousepad, to prevent any misusage nor unwanted change of position of the mousepad. Throughout my usage of the mousepad, I found it that I had no issue in using it whatsoever.

The mousepad never changed it’s place whenever I placed it, despite changing tables from time to time with different surfaces, such as wood, fabric, and even linen.

Base 1

We can clearly see the size ratio of the mousepad when an Alienware M-18X is placed on top of it. The huge size is perfect if you have large desks, and is good in having ample space for your mouse and other devices when placing laptops such as the Alienware M18-X.


Whole Body 1
Standalone picture of the mousepad.


After using it for a month while bringing it to several occasions such as events, and LAN parties, I found the mousepad’s durability to be good. It isn’t great though as stretch marks (yes stretch marks) seem to appear after long usages, but slowly fades away. Dirt isn’t easily caught by the mousepad though it certainly isn’t dirt-proof. Water resistance is great especially since that TteSPORTS never mentioned about this neither in the website nor the box.


I’d have to say that the TteSPORTS DASHER Extended is good. It’s got sturdy construction, water-resistant design, and really lives up to Thermaltake’s resurgence and focus in their quality and design.  After trying it out on several games such as Dota 2, CS:GO, GTA V, for a month, I’d say that the overall feel of the fabric, is a bit slippery. By that, the Tt eSports Dasher Extended is aimed for low-resistance gaming given its large size, the wider surface area helps in heavy-elbow flicking rather than high-DPI wrist-twitching. Other than that, the damn thing just looks so good all laid out in full glory.

At $35, there’s plenty of options out there especially since at this price its quite a premium already but its enormous size easily covers many desks out there so if you’re particularly not too fond of the way your table looks, the cosmetic gaming upgrade provided by the Dasher Extended together with the large surface area does benefit you in more ways than one. Overall, we recommend the Tt eSports Dasher Extended for people looking for a super wide surface for their desktops that has a speed bias and is well-crafted.


We give the Tt eSports Dasher our B2G Recommended Award!