Tt eSports Draconem Aluminum Mouse Pad - Draconem

Tt eSports Draconem Aluminum Mouse Pad

For a company that is quite prevalent in shops, Tt eSports has rarely graced our B2G labs although we’ve looked at some of their products before. The last time we’ve taken a look at a Tt eSports peripheral was way back with the Level 10M gaming mouse, which we’re also going to be reviewing again in the form of the Level 10M wireless gaming mouse which serves as the flagship of the Tt eSports gaming mouse product stack. And as a flagship mouse, it needs a flagship mouse pad. Most hard mats in the market today feature composite builds of hard plastic and woven fibers, some more rigid than others. Well, Tt eSports isn’t having none of them. Enter the Draconem mouse pad: a large slab of aluminum with both speed and control sides to cater to any gamer.


Tt eSports is the gaming peripheral and accessory brand offshoot of Thermaltake. They have been rolling out gaming peripherals for all price points and have a rich assortment of solutions for any gamer at many price points. Tt eSports also sponsors gaming teams including the Philippines’ own Manila Eagles. In our gaming desk now is the Draconem aluminum gaming mouse pad and we’re going to take a look at these behemoth of a pad.

The Draconem is a huge 14×12 mouse pad. Our sample didn’t arrive with a retail box but it should arrive with a large, colored box. Inside you will receive rubber feet and the adjustable mouse bungee for cable control. The Draconem mouse pad features two sides: a finer speed side (black) and a grittier and rough control side (red). This eliminates the need for swapping out mouse pads for a different experience.


As mentioned, the Draconem features a rubber mouse bungee attachment which you can attach on any of the Draconem’s sides. The Draconem’s 5mm thin profile gives it some weight to nail itself down to the desk and with the rubber feet as well as the bungee serving as anti-skid bases. The mouse cord is inserted inside the groove of the mouse bungee to stop your mouse cord from going all over the place during intense swiping situations.

User Experience & Conclusion

Tt eSports Draconem Aluminum Mouse Pad

The Tt eSports Draconem is a huge mouse pad. Its also quite heavy. These two things allow mean that this isn’t your typical LAN pad of choice when going from place to place add to that its gigantic surface area that will require some space. But on your home desk, its quite a piece of work. We would like to point out though that Tt eSports still has some room for improvement in terms of quality as the rubber feet don’t cling very well and require the user to put align them back when they start wobbling or get loose. The aluminum cut itself is also in need of refining with the edges still having a rough feel to them.

In terms of performance though, the material surface is a mixed bag. My personal preference is a grittier control surface and with th Draconem, I felt like there is still a need to improve the surface quality. With a good enough mouse, its an alright job but for all-purpose usage, some of our laser mice didn’t feel like they should on the control surface. The speed side though is good and complements light mice well because of the large surface area to swipe around in.

Overall the Draconem mouse pad is well built but still needs some refining. The price is also a letdown at $40, you either have to be liking that looks very much to warrant that cost. While the mouse bungee does give it some good creds and function, the overall performance of the pad needs some fine-tuning and we are hard-pressed on recommending it for serious, competitive gamers.