The Untold Benefit of an Ultrawide Monitor - ultrawide

The Untold Benefit of an Ultrawide Monitor

Unlike other monitor technologies such as variable refresh rate and high refresh rate, the benefit of an ultrawide monitor is apparent and can be enjoyed regardless of the brand and performance of the gaming-grade GPU you are using. The increased field of view improves the gaming experience and you’ll probably never go back to 16:9 aspect ratio for gaming purposes.

The Untold Benefit of an Ultrawide Monitor - ultrawide
You won’t go back to 16:9 aspect ratio once you experience ultrawide gaming

However, there is another benefit of using an ultrawide monitor and that is you get to know the game developers who treat the PC version of their games as an afterthought. The 1st ultrawide monitor was introduced in November 2012 and seeing games released in 2015 and later not having proper support for ultrawide aspect ratio is really disappointing. Here is a partial list of PC games that do not support ultrawide (21:9) aspect ratio.

Well-known game developers still not supporting 21:9 aspect ratio is baffling. Our list of games that properly support 21:9 aspect ratio shows that indie/startup game development companies even support it. For some games such as I Hate Running Backwards, Megaman 11, and Ultra Street Fighter IV sticking to 16:9 aspect ratio is understandable but, for most games, there is really no valid excuse. GPU performance is not a huge barrier to adoption as our tests on GeForce GTX 1050 Ti and Radeon RX 580 have shown and there are affordable ultrawide monitors such as LG 25UM58 and LG 29UM69.

If a game developer is intentionally not supporting ultrawide aspect ratio, what other PC gaming aspects could be they be crippling just to ensure “uniformity” of gaming experience across all supported platforms? Continuing to buy their games and ignoring how they poorly treat the PC gaming platform gives them the impression that what they are doing is ok and acceptable. I’m not suggesting users of ultrawide monitors storm the game developers’ online forum or Steam Discussion page and start trash talking. Vote wisely with your money and that means supporting game developers who support the defining features of PC gaming.