Tt eSports Verto Gaming Headset Review - verto

Tt eSports Verto Gaming Headset Review

Price / Where to Buy:

US – Approx.:  $79.99 – Tt eSports Verto

If there is one gaming peripheral brand to which I can give the award for most in variety of headsets, its gotta be Tt eSports. They’re expansive line of audio products is just huge and there’s pretty much something for everyone. Right now, gaming products are transitioning slowly into being lifestyle products and headsets represent that segment the best with many companies literally spewing out new lines of gears for this specific, multi-tasking crowd. Tt eSports isn’t new to that concept with their audio products and have long been producing headphones you can rock to in the streets and in your desk. Today we have another product with those same creds: the Tt eSports Verto gaming headset. Rocking a unique look, these cans are certified to turn heads in the streets and make you rock in your desk, too. Let’s take a closer look at the Tt eSports Verto gaming headset in this review. Read on!


Features & Specification

  • The physical aspect of the headphone was designed to maximize form and function. The dual headband design lends an elegant feel and the auto-adjusting feature provides a hassle free perfect fit that conforms very well to the user’s head
  • These functional aspects for ergonomics that allow the ear cups to rest optimally on the wearer’s head bundled with the use of protein leather ear pads in turn offer the VERTO great noise isolation characteristics
  • A VERSATILE MICROPHONE The bendable and pivotable microphone allows for easy access to the mic for voice communications within the games or over your favorite voice-over-IP software
  • AUTO-ADJUSTING HEADBAND Auto-adjusting headband design to give just the right fit every time you wear the headset
  • FOLD FLAT DESIGN The VERTO’s ear cups can swivel to fold flat for convenient transport with the included carrying bag
Color Diamond Black
Connector 3.5mm plug
Driver Unit (mm) 40mm Neodymium Magnet
Channel Stereo
Frequency Response 10Hz ~ 22 KHz
Impedance 32Ω
Cable Length 3.0 meters
3.5 mm Gold Plug Yes
Plug&Play Microphone Yes
External In-Line Controller Yes
Mic Directivity Omni-Directional
Mic Noise Cancelling Yes
Mic Sensitivity -35 ± 3dB
Mic Frequency 300Hz ~ 10 KHz
Mic Impedance 2.2k ohm
Accessories Carry Bag x 11 Meter Mobile Device Cable x 1

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Back with the diamond plate box art, the Tt eSports Verto is packged in a black box with the Verto headset lavishly displayed in the front. Feature highlights such as the mobile compatibility, headband folding design are neatly displayed as icons in the front. At the back are features bullet list and some other highlights of the distinct parts of the Verto.

Tt eSports Verto Gaming Headset Review
Tt eSports Verto Gaming Headset

The Verto comes in one sweet bundle with a leather travel pouch, and the mobile and in-line controller cables along with some documentations.

Closer Look – Verto Gaming Headset

Tt eSports Verto Gaming Headset Review
Tt eSports Verto Gaming Headset

The Tt eSports Verto features distinct polygonal-shaped earcups. The Verto features a closed-back design with the microphone boom folding in the left earcup.

The earcups are matte-coated and look really premium with leatherette foam lining the cups. The distance between the driver and your ear isn’t that far so the listening experience here should be familiar to those using smaller headphones.

There are two sets of cables here: one for mobile and the other for PC usage. The mobile cable does not have inline controls but is more low profile than the PC cable which has an inline controller for volume control and a mic mute toggle. The cable plugs into the Verto’s left earcup.

One of the strong points of the Verto is its solid construction and its metal headband is really sturdy.

Tt eSports Verto Gaming Headset Review
Tt eSports Verto Gaming Headset

Tt eSports uses a self-adjusting headband design on the Verto removing the need to adjust the headband. Some folks don’t like this design due to the large overarching band but in this case, the design is really minimal and the main metal headband looks very discrete when worn.

Tt eSports Verto Gaming Headset Review
Tt eSports Verto Gaming Headset

The Verto features a slim microphone, just the right length and bends easily also. When not in use, it tucks away in the cup upwards. Its very oblivious but some folks, including myself would really want a detechable mic for a street headset.

User Experience & Conclusion

Tt eSports Verto Gaming Headset Review
Tt eSports Verto Gaming Headset

Let’s break it down for the Verto before our final verdict:

Comfort is definitely one of the good points of this headset with the Verto being a light product despite its solid construction. Speaking of which, its really well crafted and the minimal use of plastic in this product gives it a premium feel all to itself. Clamping is just right and with earcups feel really good even after long sessions.

Audio quality is a mixed bag for the Verto. While we’re well aware of its tuning for gaming, we’ll not gonna let that slide because of its mobile compatibility and given that mobile phones is more for music and communications, we’d have to knock off a few points for the Verto as it sounds flat in the mid to higher frequency ranges with a very warm feel to the audio, sometimes sound tinny with cymbals. There’s also a mild hiss at some ranges but nothing really distracting. Still, if you’re very discerning about audio, the Verto is definitely not gonna be your cup of tea. In game though, the bass orientation of this headset really comes to life. It’s got the proper tune to it that firefights and explosions sound just right. Positional audio is also good with the closed-back design really helping in the isolation department.

Overall experience is very pleasant and the Verto is one versatile headset. Going from desktop to mobile is as simple as swapping cables and the mic is always there should you need to take a call. The mic is good and sounds decent with no pops and hisses. Obviously, we weren’t really impressed with the music listening experience with the Verto but that’s a subjective topic altogether and it really depends on your tastes. I am positive a lot of folks would still appreciate the bass-orientation of the Verto. At $79.99, this is one of the more affordable gaming headset out there and for the quality, its a sweet deal.

For most gamers, the Tt eSports Verto is an easy recommendation especially those looking for something that’s versatile they can use for both PC gaming and mobile. While it isn’t something I’d recommend for music, it shines brightest when used in FPS games and the Verto’s audio goes boom when things in the game go boom. It brings the game to life. If you’re in the market for a gaming headset under 90$ that you can use for both in and out of the house and built like a tank, the Tt eSports Verto is a top consideration.

Price / Where to Buy:

US – Approx.:  $79.99 – Tt eSports Verto

Tt eSports backs the Verto gaming headset with a 2-year warranty. We give it our and B2G Recommended Award!