Logitech G435 Wireless Gaming Headset Review

Its been a while since we’ve had a Logitech G product in the labs. Our last review was for the Logitech G331 and back then Logitech’s was running off a different design language than it does now. Even pricing back then was different. But back then the biggest gripe many people have is the price of wireless gaming headphones. Only a few made it in the sub-Php4K market and most of them aren’t from household brands like Logitech. We’ve come a long way since then and today we’ll take a look at the Logitech G435 Lightspeed.

Logitech G435 Wireless Gaming Headset Review -

Available at Shopee for PHP3,835, it is surprisingly priced very well especially considering it a very good performing pair of headphones that function both for Bluetooth and USB wireless. Shopee’s 6.6 sale is coming which should see the price of the Logitech G435 wireless come down even further for even a greater deal. Upgrade your gaming experience with Logitech at the Shopee 6.6 Mid-Year Sale! Deals up to 69% off await you so check out Shopee for more great offers after you find out more about the Logitech 435 wireless gaming headset in this review.

Features & Specifications

  • Dual beamforming microphones balanced, high-fidelity audio with 40 mm drivers; compatibility with Dolby Atmos, Windows Sonic for a true surround sound experience
  • 18 hours of battery life
  • Certified CarbonNeutral® and made with a minimum 22% recycled plastic


  • Weight: 165 grams
  • Dimensions: 163×170×71 mm
  • Audio Drivers: 40 mm
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz-20 KHz
  • Impedance: 45 Ohms (passive)
  • Sensitivity: 83.1 dB SPL/mW
  • Max volume: <100 dB with optional limiter at <85 dB

  • Frequency response: 100 Hz – 8 KHz

  • Up to 10 meters via LIGHTSPEED USB receiver or Bluetooth

  • Play time: 18 hours
  • Charging port: USB-C
  • Charging cable: USB-A to USB-C

Available color options: Off White and Lilac (our review unit), Blue and Raspberry, Black and Neon Yellow.

Official product page

Closer Look

Logitech packages the G435 in a relatively small box compared to their standard headset. The box is full color printed with the color of the unit indicated in the actual photo. The back of the box shows details of the features of the G435 with multiple other details. Logitech is explicitly marketing this headset with environmental-friendliness in mind. This goes for the packaging all the way to the build materials.

The unboxing experience may feel slim but this does align with this environmental-friendliness agenda and Logitech does hit their goals with this kind of packaging and bundle.

Logitech G435 Wireless Gaming Headset Review -

Inside the packaging we have the headset, a user guide leaflet, a Logitech G sticker, USB-C charging cable and a Lightspeed USB receiver.

The numbered G series headset follow a certain design language but that changed a bit with more recent G400 series models including the G433 and the G435 which we have right now. The Logitech G435 still physically bears the angular gamer styling but softens it up a bit. Available in 3 colors, our sample is the Off-White/Lilac option with a Blue and Raspberry and Black/Yellow option also available.

Logitech G435 Wireless Gaming Headset Review -

At only 165 grams, this is a very light headset. Logitech does this by using a lighter plastic but also doing away by sticking to a rigid skeleton like framework which retains the structural integrity of the frame but reduces the weight massively by removing surface areas on the headset. This is quite clear on the headband with Logitech covering what would normally look like a bare frame band but is covered in a softweave fabrice which adds both color an comfortable support frame on the headband.

The entire design is simple and minimalistic. The earcups, while premium-feeling, does away with the velvet sleeve covering the drivers so Logitech is quite confident in their earcup design to keep it this way. This does mean that dirt and dust can get in easily on the earcups but a light blow of air should keep dust out.

Logitech G435 Wireless Gaming Headset Review -

Given its 165g total weight, it is the lightest gaming headset we’ve tested to date. This weight also does mean there’s a substantial lack of weight which makes the Logitech G435 feel like a toy but keep in mind that we’re in a world there are ultralight gaming mice and ultraportable gaming keyboards so none of this should really surprise you but just in case, its not a bad thing.

Logitech G435 Wireless Gaming Headset Review -

The Logitech G435 features simple on-ear controls: a power button, volume up/down and a mute button. These buttons also are able to control the extended functions of the G435. Pressing the Mic Mute + the Volume Up button and holding both for 3 seconds until the indicator light flashes 3 times will bump the maximum volume to 100db. Holding mute+ Vol Down until the indicator flashes will decrease the maximum volume to 85db. This is perfect for controlling the maximum potential volume especially if children will be using the headset and you don’t want them bumping volume up to the max.

Logitech G435 Wireless Gaming Headset Review -

To use the Logitech G435 with your PC or consoles, all you need to do is plug-in the Lightspeed receiver. Holding the mute button for 3 seconds will switch the function mode from Lightspeed USB to Bluetooth. This is indicated by a Cyan (Lightspeed) light switching to Blue (Bluetooth). Once in Bluetooth mode, you can pair it with a BT device by holding Power + Mute for 3 seconds. The indicator LED will flash during pairing.

User Experience & Conclusion

Logitech G435 Wireless Gaming Headset Review -

Out of the box, the Logitech G435 wireless gaming headset is pre-charged at around 60%. I’m currently listening to Beni Arashiro’s entire discography on Youtube music and I have to say for its price, this headset is quite impressive. Most budget wireless headset tend to lean towards lighter bass which leaves a very sharp emphasis on the higher notes. The Logitech G435 does not have this issue and sounds excellent especially noting its and distinction.

In actual gaming, the headset would render quite well and while it does lack the full punch in the bass area which means less rumble in explosive settings or similar audio scenarios, it does not suffer from total lack thereof.

Microphone is alright but the lack of a boom mic means it will pick up pretty much the entire room. Virtual beamforming does try to lock in to your voice and while it does a good job at this, there is still that tendency for it to pickup the room sound more.

Going back to battery life, Logitech promises 18 hours on a single charge on the G435. I’ve seen longer but 18 hours still respectable provided the weight of the G435.

Overall, its heard to fault the Logitech G435 wireless gaming headset especially for its price. It has decent audio and a very light build. If you’re in the market for an ultralight headset or a cheap wireless one, the Logitech G435 satisfies both requirement. If the thought of an eco-friendly headset is also plus point for you, then the Logitech G435 also has that going on for it as well.

All in all, for Php3835 there is very little to dislike about the Logitech G435. While the color choices and build quality may not be up to snuff for other folks, rest assured that Logitech is confident in their product and is providing a 2-year warranty with the G435. Compatible with your PC, console or your smartphone, the Logitech G435 wireless gaming headset is a very flexible headset and offers excellent audio in an ultra light body. All for a great price.

I give the Logitech G435 wireless gaming headset a B2G Best Value award!

Logitech G435 Wireless Gaming Headset Review -

Again, you can score your own Logitech G435 wireless gaming headset at Shopee Philippines and other gaming gears. Upgrade your gaming experience with Logitech at the Shopee 6.6 Mid-Year Sale! Deals up to 69% off await you so check out Shopee for more great offers.

Logitech G435 Wireless Gaming Headset Review -
Logitech G435 Wireless Gaming Headset Review
Final Thoughts
Build Quality
Decent audio performance
Extremely lightweight
Compatible with PC, console and Bluetooth
Audio limiter
Build feels toyish
Toyish color choices